On the Edge: Keoni Waxman on The Ravine

By Ken Hall. They would answer his questions but they couldn’t answer why.” The Ravine, “a combination of noir, suspense, and spiritual and fantastic elements,” as I described in my review of the film for Retreats from Oblivion, uses these elements to avoid becoming “an ordinary inspirational piece.” I caught […]

Norse Mythology, Repackaged: Ragnarok (Netflix, 2020- )

By Kenneth E. Hall. While not presuming a knowledge of Norse mythology, for those viewers already more versed in Norse myth the series offers a fresh approach to the corpus surrounding the apocalyptic event known as Ragnarok, employing a mix of magical realist and more traditionally fantastic techniques to unfold […]

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Demon Fatigue

By Elias Savada. Sam Raimi follows the Marvel bible but still manages to have his own directorial flair…. Action is almost non-stop, and you might just be gasping for air as you stick it out through the final credits.” Note: Some spoilers follow relating to “character developments” in this film. […]

Quietly Radical Filmmaking: Céline Sciamma’s Petite Maman

By Theresa Rodewald. Deceptively short but its impact and heart are huge. This is quietly radical filmmaking: Sciamma shows us that there is an alternative to narratives shaped by the patriarchy….” “You are often unhappy,” says 8-year old Nelly to Marion who is the same age as her but also […]

Estrangement All Over: An Interview with Niki Karimi on Atabai

By Ali Moosavi. Atabai is about loneliness and the estrangement with environment that we feel all over the world.” My very first contribution to Film International was an interview with the Iranian actress-writer-director Niki Karimi in 2014 (issue 12.3). Since then she has appeared in ten movies and three TV […]

More Than Tradition: Fiddler’s Journey to the Big Screen

By Elias Savada. An affectionate tribute blending some behind-the-scenes material and mostly older (but still quite original) interviews with the film’s star Topol and others.” Harvesting a long-running infatuation with thrice Oscar-nominated director Norman Jewison, producer-director-editor Daniel Raim, an Oscar-nominated (for the 2001short subject The Man on Lincoln’s Nose) documentarian […]

Healing in Nature: Jacquelyn Mills on Geographies of Solitude (Berlinale 2022)

By Yun-hua Chen. I am dedicated to creating films that facilitate our healing process with the natural world.” Geographies of Solitude, screened at the Berlinale Forum 2022, is a breathtakingly beautiful experimental documentary which affectionately portrays the ecosystem on the Sable island, the remote sliver of land in the Northwest […]

More Vulnerable Than Tough: Tarik Saleh on The Contractor

By Ali Moosavi. One thing that I loved about [Chris Pine’s] performance is how vulnerable he is…. He is not just a tough guy running around with a gun, but a real man with real fear and that creates real stakes important in film. The Contractor is the latest film […]