Dune: An Oversized, Delightful Space Opera

By Elias Savada. Sure, it’s loud and possibly confusing for those viewers who haven’t tapped into the 1965 text…. But this go round [for the screen], all cylinders are firing.” Ah, the wide-screen grandeur that is Dune! All that sand makes me relish the epic 70mm moments more than a […]

King Hu’s Cinematic Sublime: Raining in the Mountain (1979)

By Tony Williams. The spiritual is always a marginal element in Hu’s films that deal with the eruption of violent forces attempting to dominate others before some temporary victory occurs, leaving the survivors to live and fight another day….” This is the last of Eureka’s King Hu DVDs available for […]

An Adrenaline-Fueled Race to The Rescue

By Elias Savada. Unfolding with military precision, enhanced by a steady, determined pacing…. We can be an ingenious species. When bad things happen, there are any number of special people who come up with solutions to seemingly unsolvable, life-threatening problems. The crippled Apollo 13 spacecraft is often called mankind’s greatest feat of improvised […]

A Bond Finale, Directed by a Yankee: No Time to Die

By Elias Savada. In other words, nothing new. Same slick package, different psychopathic enemy.” Are you ready to put your troubles aside and hopefully not worry about the semi-masked fool sitting a few seats away from you in the multiplex (for 163 minutes, a Bond record) as you watch Daniel […]