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Deadites vs. Adaptation: Media and The Evil Dead

By Valerie Guyant. The following is an excerpt from The Many Lives of The Evil Dead: Essays on the Cult Film Franchise, © 2019, Edited by Ron Riekki and Jeffrey A. Sartain by permission of McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640. www.mcfarlandbooks.com. Evil Dead has been adapted for different media, including video games, comic books, […]

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All in the Method – Remembering British Television: Audience and Industry by Kristyn Gorton and Joanne Garde Hansen

A Book Review by Tony Williams. This recent monograph (Bloomsbury/BFI, 2019) aims to debate the importance of everyday TV memories involving academics, audiences, and fans, in terms of recent theoretical developments in the field of British television studies. It is an academic study in the full-sense of the term, one resembling Robin Wood’s comments on […]

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Homage to Humanity: La vie de Jesus and L’Humanite (Criterion Collection)

By Christopher Sharrett. Bruno Dumont is one of the outstanding figures of the twenty-first century’s European cinema, so the Criterion hi-definition releases of his two early films, la vie de Jesus (1997) and l’Humanite (1999), are something of a godsend. I have written at length about Dumont on this site, so I’ll restrict these remarks to an […]

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DocuChronicles: Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground

DocuChronicles is a blog dedicated to independent documentary cinema by filmmaker Marjorie Sturm. It includes a mix of reviews, interviews, and longer pieces.  By Marjorie Sturm. Barbara Rubin was an experimental filmmaker most known for the pulsating, sexually graphic “Christmas on Earth” that she shot when she was only eighteen. She was a full blown instigator in the […]

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Transcending the Chains of Illusion – The Assassin: Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s World of Tang China, Edited by Peng Hsiao-yen

A Book Review Essay by Tony Williams. In Mostly About Lindsay Anderson, his long-time friend Gavin Lambert speaks about the in-flight movie seen by his colleague that drove him to despair. Enduring Suspect (1987), Anderson experienced feelings similar to anyone watching The Jagged Edge (1984), the kind of bland made-for-TV movie that deliberately ignored challenging aspects of […]

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Researcher Beware! – Frankly: Unmasking Frank Capra by Joseph McBride

A Book Review Essay by Tony Williams. Joseph McBride’s latest mammoth book, well-written and copiously documented as usual, is an unusual production in the field of cinema studies. It is a companion volume to his earlier 1992 text, Frank Capra: The Catastrophe of Success, which took issue with the traditional estimation of this classical Hollywood studio director […]

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Reassessing Blue Velvet: a Criterion Collection Release

By Christopher Sharrett. I have had a difficult history with David Lynch’s breakthrough film Blue Velvet (1986), and for that matter, much of the director’s work. At first, I thought the film a good antidote to the “morning in America” claptrap that was a major feature of the Reagan era of reaction and retrenchment, with […]

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Pondering the Ponderous: Malick’s A Hidden Life (Cannes 2019)

By Ali Moosavi. My relationship with Terence Malick films has been love and hate. Watching Badlands (1973) back in the 70s was like a breath of fresh air; a film that, for me, has aged extremely well. Then the experience of watching a 70mm version of Days of Heaven (1978) in the cinemas was an unforgettable […]

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La vérité: the French Woman’s Prison (Criterion Collection)

By Tony Williams. Henri-Georges Clouzot (1907-1977) is best known as the director of Le Corbeau (1943), Quai des Orfevres (1947), The Wages of Fear (1953), Diabolique (1955) for the majority of viewers. Although he beat Hitchcock in obtaining the rights for the fourth film, “The Master” gained his victory in purchasing Des Entre des Mortes for […]

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Long Walk to Freedom: The Silence of Others

By Michael Sandlin. Despite its low-budget workmanlike feel, this documentary from Emmy-winning directors Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar – and produced by Spanish directorial titan Pedro Almodovar – just may be one of the most socio-historically significant European documentaries of recent years. Although it may not have the depth and artistry of other notable post-military-junta […]

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