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Let’s Kill the Moonlight in Electric Park: a Futuristic Interpretation of Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg’s Dear Wendy

By Angela Tumini. Introduction There were times in Europe when the traditions of the past were thrown aside and rejected in favor of the spirit of experimentation, and when manifestos were a recurrent avant-gardist feature expressed in extreme rhetoric, intended for shock value in order to achieve a revolutionary effect. By 1909, the Italian poet […]

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Jake’s Addiction: Dances with Smurfs vs. the Tweedle Dummies and the Proof of Artificial Gods

By Dustin Griffin. In Avatar, it is easier to believe in the marriage and integration of living and non-living and the world that was created a lot more than other contemporary CGI fests like say Alice. This is due to how the creative team structured the visuals and the storyline. The production of Alice was […]

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