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Romain Goupil and Hands in the Air: Love, Love, Bombs, Love

By Daniel Lindvall. Hands in the Air (Les mains en l’air), written and directed by Romain Goupil, was first shown at Cannes in 2010, but is only now tentatively finding its way onto screens beyond France. Goupil is, I would say, relatively little known outside of his French homeland and my guess is that quite […]

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A Nation Ripe for Thatcher: Radio On (UK, 1979)

By Tom von Logue Newth. When it appeared in 1979, Radio On seemed to have few precedents in British cinema. An independent black and white feature, artfully photographed, with minimal narrative or plot, and a thematically-integrated soundtrack of electronic krautrock and new wave ‘hits’, it was the first film by former Time Out film editor […]

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Special Effects and Moving Pictures: From Jason and the Argonauts to Argonautica

    By Matthew Gumpert. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” (Roger “Verbal” Kint, The Usual Suspects [1995])     The Oz Effect   The 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts (directed by Don Chaffey), a Hollywood version of the Hellenistic epic, Argonautica (or Voyage of the […]

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The Joke’s on Who? Exit Through the Gift Shop

  By Daniel Lindvall. ‘You could stick all my shit in Tate Modern and have an opening with Tony Blair and Kate Moss on roller blades handing out vol-au-vents and it wouldn’t be as exciting as it is when you go out and paint something big where you shouldn’t do.’ (Banksy [allegedly]) What is the […]

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Bond and Bourne: The Role of the Individual within the Conservative Influence of Spy Films

By Jacob Mertens, Honorable Mention in the 2010 Frank Capra Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Film Criticism. There was a moment in my life when movies became an obsession. When I was much younger, I watched films with a casual interest. I felt the same indiscriminate, escapist rush from plunging through the thick overgrowth of […]

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Gaddafi is YOU!

By Rajko Radovic. Here comes the bad guy. CNN is in the house, a sure signal that something bad is about to go down. Hidden behind designer sunglasses, the self-proclaimed father of the revolution scans an invisible horizon even when he is in a beach front restaurant surrounded by bodyguards. One never knows what he […]

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Raising the Spectre of Hope: Savage (Sweden, 2011)

By Daniel Lindvall. It is frequently said that respect is something you have to earn. Proffered as a life-rule this is an unusually stupid thing to say. On the contrary, respect is something we’re morally entitled to from the moment we’re born. Savage (jointly written and directed by Martin Jern and Emil Larsson) is a […]

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Stockholm Film Fest Spotlights ‘Extreme Politics’

By Daniel Lindvall ‘We think the price is worth it’, answered Madeleine Albright, then US Ambassador to the United Nations, when asked on 60 Minutes in 1996 whether she could justify half a million children dying as the result of the sanctions regime against Iraq. But despite embracing genocide as a strategic tool – ostensibly […]

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‘Planetary Humanism’ Calling: new sightings of ‘black’ bodies in epic films

By Saër Maty Bâ. INTRODUCTION If ‘race’ is dead, the circumstances of its passing must be examined, its funeral organised and – without assumption, endorsement or dismissal – new critical, post-racial processes triggered and affected. Why is ‘post-race’ still an imprecise discourse? Could end-of-‘race’ be a tool for reading (racial) futures?[i] The above premise and […]

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