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Films and Cities: The World (China, 2005)

By Hector Arkomanis. This column is the first in a series that discusses films in the context of specific cities, times and histories. Each time, we start with a close-up of a film which is then related to thoughts about the city drawn from a wide range of sources including other arts, history and politics. […]

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Does anyone have or know of any copy at all, home-made or otherwise, of the 1987 TV mini-series HOOVER VS THE KENNEDYS: THE SECOND CIVIL WAR? If so, please get in touch, as I’m looking to buy a copy for research. Gary McMahon (garymcm@hotmail.com)   COPY FOUND! THANK YOU. Previous entry in the Ay Caramba! […]

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Lars von Trier’s Other Comments: 64th Festival de Cannes

By Moira Sullivan. “He likes to run his mouth … I think he dug himself in a deep hole today.” Kirsten Dunst. The press conference on May 15 with Lars von Trier after the screening of his film Melancholia in the Cannes Official Competition gave insights into the workings of the director’s mind, not the […]

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Revisiting Tea and Sympathy: Sexual Paranoia in Fifties America

By Christopher Sharrett. Vincente Minnelli’s melodrama Tea and Sympathy, finally released on DVDby Warner Archive, deserves revaluation, given its neglect during its long absence from the home video market. Although there have been intelligent comments on the film by Vito Russo (1981: 112) and David Gerstner (2009), it has long been viewed as naïve, or not […]

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The 28th Miami International Film Festival

By Oscar Jubis. It hardly seems to matter that the Miami International Film Festival has a new director, the third in four years, because the festival has a blueprint for success and a well-established identity. The 28th edition boasted a good selection of 73 features reflecting the festival’s traditional predilection for films by emerging filmmakers […]

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Bloodied Light: The cinema of Martin McDonagh

By Marshall Botvinick. ‘I’m sorry,’ says a somber doctor just as the opening credits for Six Shooter(2005), Martin McDonagh’s first film, dissolve. For a playwright known for his remorseless characters, it is a surprising way to begin a cinematic career, and it sends a clear signal to his viewers that the characters in his movies […]

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33rd Créteil Films de Femmes

By Moira Sullivan. The Créteil Films de Femmes festival is a high quality panorama of the images of international women in cinema. A question for some may be: is a women’s film festival outdated today? If you attend the festival you will know that it exists for the same reason that women’s film festivals were […]

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Trollhunter (2010)

By Jacob Mertens. The towering behemoth of a forest troll looms over the cameraman, its three heads sniffing the air violently, a shaggy tail swishing through the brush. The scene is punctuated by percussive shifts between night vision and standard, as the awkward bulk of the troll evaporates in darkness only to reappear in an […]

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Bridesmaids (2011)

By Jacob Mertens. There’s a lot at play with the new female-driven comedy Bridesmaids, directed by Paul Feig. The chaos of marriage and weddings, and the fluctuating dynamic of long sustained friendship is all laid bare, while a balance is constantly maintained between frivolous humor and genuine emotion. More importantly, it could be argued that […]

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Navigating Both Worlds: An Interview with Maryam Keshavarz on Circumstance

By Matthew Sorrento. While adapting Alicia Erian’s novel Towelhead for the big screen, Alan Ball considered using the title Nothing is Private. While the idea now sounds like padding, the alternate title would have suited the film well. The lead role, the thirteen-year-old Arab-American Jasira, comes of age sexually under the watch of her repressive […]

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