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Contagion (2011)

By Bryan Nixon. It always starts with a cough. Naivety hints at the common cold. Or maybe it’s something worse, such as the flu. Maybe it’s a symptom of a deadly virus that threatens all life on Earth. The latter is the case with Steven Soderbergh’s latest slick and sophisticated Hollywood feature film, Contagion, which […]

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FID-Marseille: Festival International du Cinema, 6 July–11 July, 2011

By Philip Cartelli. Near the end of Philippe Grandrieux’s hyperbolic It May Be That Beauty Has Reinforced Our Resolve – Masao Adachi (Il se peut que la beauté ait renforcé notre resolution – Masao Adachi, 2011), screened in the international competition at this year’s FID, director Masao Adachi looks into the camera, languidly puffing on […]

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Beginners (2010)

By Jacob Mertens. In the opening moments of Mike Mills’ Beginners we see a vase of dead flowers against a dirty kitchen window. The camera is tight, shallow focus, not letting the room breathe. The film cuts to Ewan McGregor’s character Oliver wandering through a near empty house. He dumps an obscene amount of medication […]

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