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The Iron Lady (2011)

By Salomon Rogberg. Margaret Thatcher’s reign over England may have ended over twenty-one years ago, but she’s still a sensitive topic that can generate both anger and admiration. When Phyllida Lloyd’s new film, The Iron Lady (2011), was released in Sweden and Britain, it led to heated discussion amongst critics in the media. Some critics thought […]

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Rampart: A Man Really Apart

By Matthew Sorrento. Passive victims of crime are rare in popular American cinema. In Crime Films, scholar Thomas Leitchobserves that a lead character, if violated, will move toward vengeance, either on his/her own or with assistance. A strong exception is the new abuse victim film (Mysterious Skin, Towelhead, Precious), which studies victimization without the causal […]

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Subjective to Eva, Subjected to Kevin

by Matthew Sorrento. This film desperately wants to be talked about. With great effort, We Need to Talk about Kevin presents itself as, in the words of 19th century critic Matthew Arnold, a work of high seriousness, to pitch a personal hard-sell as high art. This claim is more valid in the form than content; […]

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A Conversation with Khavn De La Cruz

By Yusef Sayed. A highly prolific filmmaker who has spearheaded the active and visible presence of Filipino artists at film festivals around the world in recent years, Khavn De La Cruz is tough to pin down. With countless films to his name, including Squatterpunk (2007), Ultimo: Different Ways of Killing a National Hero (2008) and […]

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