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Prometheus (2012)

By Sebastian Clare. Thirty-three years after his tense, atmospheric sci-fi horror kick-started one of film’s most successful franchises, Ridley Scott returns to the Alien saga with Prometheus, a prequel that seeks to provide some answers, not only to the origins of the series antagonists, the Xenomorphs, but to the ultimate origins of our entire species. […]

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Anatomy of an Enigma

By Matthew Sorrento. Otto Preminger’s Anatomy of a Murder (1959), in its title alone, makes quite a promise. The most effective of its kind (taken from the best selling source novel by Robert Traver – a.k.a. Judge John D. Voelker – loosely based on a case of his), the title promises a full investigation of […]

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31st Istanbul Film Festival Marks the 40th Anniversary of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts

By N. Buket Cengiz. This year’s Istanbul Film Festival abounded with films about young people, and the winner of the Golden Tulip, The Loneliest Planet (2011), was one such film. Julia Loktev, a Brooklyn-based Russian film director, explores in this film the fragility of a seemingly secure relationship between two youngsters against the backdrop of […]

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Hysteria (2011): 55th San Francisco International Film Festival Review

By Janine Gericke. During this year’s San Francisco International Film Festival, I had the opportunity to see Hysteria, Tanya Wexler’s Victorian era comedy about the birth of the vibrator. The film was co-sponsored by the home of San Francisco’s finest vibrators, Good Vibrations. Hysteria gives us a glimpse into the accidental invention of a lady’s best friend. Set in […]

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American Teacher (2011)

By Leo Collis. Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth, American Teacher is a documentary that focuses on the lives of four teachers, as they approach different points in their careers. Going beyond their role as educators, the film looks at how the profession has shaped their personal lives, and those they have taught. The […]

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