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Central Thematic Conflict in 21 Grams and Babel

By Anna Weinstein. Screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga is best known for writing ensemble films about the effects of tragedy on human life—how tragedy can both pull apart and bring together. His scripts present a kaleidoscopic view of human interconnection, that people across cultures, borders, and class systems are, when all is said and done, more similar […]

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The Aura in the age of New Materialism

By Jonathan Rozenkrantz. When Walter Benjamin proclaimed the aura lost, he was hardly writing in grief. Being a Marxist, he saw in the means of technical reproduction – primarily manifested in the cinematic medium – art’s final liberation from the bonds of ritual and tradition. The “aura” – basically signifying a quasi-mystical quality ascribed to […]

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Killer Joe: A Family (Dis)Member(ed)

By Matthew Sorrento. When settling down for an evening of trash, theater audiences have a comfortable distance from the content. This decidedly highbrow group – does anyone in the US, save the “most cultured,” support the dying art of drama anymore? – may delight in the bizarre, while they’d flip right past such on a […]

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