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The Sessions: A Modest Glimpse of Utopia

By Christopher Sharrett. Ben Lewin’s The Sessions is not a great film, and its status as a good one may in part be due to its circumscription by yet another dreadful “holiday season” of superhero films, juvenile fantasy, and feel-good family comedies. But the film is commendable for its remarkable humanity (in an age that […]

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Viennale: Vienna International Film Festival Report 25 Oct – 7 Nov, 2012

By Yun-hua Chen. This year Viennale celebrates its 50th anniversary. After the opening gala, Ben Affleck’s Argo (2012), Viennale offers two weeks’ feast of feature films, short film programs, In Focus programme, and retrospectives. Especially striking in its selection of documentaries are those documenting musicians of different gender, generations, geopolitical backgrounds and artistic interests: Marcelo […]

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Zombie Flesh Eaters

By Cleaver Patterson. There are some films which everyone, whether they’ve seen them or not, has an opinion on. Virtually everything which fell under the auspices of ‘Video Nasties’ – the notorious witch hunt against a grouping of violent, sadistic and gore soaked films mainly from the late 1970’s and 1980’s – was seen as […]

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Discover New Polish Cinema

By Marcin Radomski. In the history of cinema we can find several unforgettable periods and schools which rise to the surface, are of universal significance and continue to fascinate viewers all over the world. One of those undoubtedly is the famous Polish Film of Moral Anxiety. “Cinema of Moral Anxiety” appeared around the mid-seventies, and […]

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