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Stoker: Paying Homage to Uncle Alfred

By Cleaver Patterson. Some people seem predestined to play certain roles. Seldom, however, do you find a complete cast so perfectly suited to their parts as that of Stoker (2013), the new gothic thriller from Korean director Park Chan-wook. Holding the unfortunate accolade of being the last work on which the late Tony Scott was […]

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A Note on the Digital Implosion

An account on the difference between celluloid and the nowaday omnipresent digital film experience by Mats Carlsson. I would argue that the fear of the digital (felt by some) and the claim of a different feel attributable to the digitalized watching experience, grounds itself on a level other than that of actual perception. What we […]

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Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access

Wheeler Winston Dixon presents his new book. Film stocks are vanishing, but the image remains, albeit in a new, sleeker format. Today, viewers can instantly stream movies on demand on televisions, computers, and smartphones. Long gone are the days when films could only be seen in theaters: Videos are now accessible at the click of […]

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Life of Pi (2012)

By Jacob Mertens. Can images invoking a sense of awe bring a man closer to God? If so, then Ang Lee’s Life of Pi could have rested easily as its titular character raged aloud to an unseen deity, watching as lightning struck the ocean, its light spreading through the water like veins. The visual splendor […]

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Zero Dark Thirty: Embarrassed No More

By Christopher Sharrett. I write this comment on Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty more out of a sense of moral obligation and outrage rather than as an evaluation of a serious work. I find nothing at all to recommend this film, so impoverished is it at every political, moral, aesthetic, and philosophical level. I should […]

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A Royal Affair

By Cleaver Patterson. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have, during the long and varied history of their annual award ceremony, shown favour towards three things – period drama, films which focus on physically or mentally challenged characters, and a liberal sprinkling of controversial, often divisive, political intrigue. Director Nikolaj Arcel’s acclaimed film […]

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Off to the Printers: Film International 61

How to Escape from Brazil? An interview with Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek and British director Sophie Fiennes ‘You know that I am still a radical leftist precisely due to my pessimism. For the true Utopia is to think that things can somehow go on as they are. No, if we allow things to drift along […]

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Film Scratches Blog #4

By Liza Palmer, Review Section Editor. The long-awaited call for reviews is finally here. Film International is actively seeking reviews for publication online or in print (at our discretion) of the following books and DVDs: Books Bollywood: Gods, Glamour and Gossip, Kush Varia (Wallflower) — TAKEN The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom, Deborah Allison (Lexington Books) […]

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Yasujiro Ozu – The Gangster Films

By Wheeler Winston Dixon. Yasujiro Ozu is no longer a name unknown in the Western world; for a long time, this “most Japanese” of directors was overshadowed on the international scene by Akira Kurosawa, whose flashier, more action oriented style translated much more easily to 1950s American culture, and paved the way for a series […]

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The ABCs of Death

By Cleaver Patterson. Given the subject matter of The ABCs of Death (2012), the new compilation horror movie from producers Ant Timpson and Tim League, and directors including Srdjan Spasojevic (A Serbian Film [2010]) and Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police [2008]), it was inevitable that it would, to a greater or lesser degree, be controversial. […]

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