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Black Biscuit (2012)

By Robert Kenneth Dator. “Featuring Enfant Terrible Street Superstars” This is not so much a title as a claim from director-producer Fabrizio Federico. Yes, there is a cast of dozens in Black Biscuit, street people all, and the disenfranchised, and those just slightly round the bend, and some who appear perfectly normal? But it’s hard […]

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Magpie: Interview with Marc Price

By Leo Collis. In his follow up to critically acclaimed budget-zombie movie Colin, Marc Price is set to release new project Magpie to the festival circuit. Known as the £45 film, Colin made waves when screened at Cannes in 2009 and created a huge buzz about the bright filmmakers future. I caught up with Marc […]

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Call for proposals: The Lives and Deaths of the Yuppie

The Lives and Deaths of the Yuppie is the working title of a book project co-edited by Daniel Lindvall and Saër Maty Bâ. The aim of the book is to present a range of analyses of ‘the yuppie’ and ‘yuppiedom’ within late 20th and early 21st century film and television. We understand the yuppie to […]

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Holy Motors

By Cleaver Patterson. There is a certain type of film so caught up in a sense of its own importance, that it becomes the perfect embodiment of the very thing it claims it is trying to avoid – conformity. Many (though not all) independent films are in danger of falling within this unfortunate area as, […]

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Sundance Film Festival 2013

By Jacob Mertens. The road sweeps before me, and I watch snowcapped mountains peer through the dark like ghosts. They tower above, catch the faint light of sunrise, and I would be in awe if I were not so paranoid that any moment a truck could smash into me, obliterating my shoebox-sized rental car. Yes, […]

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Upstream Color (2013): A Sundance Review

By Jacob Mertens. A woman sits on her living room floor, lips parched, transcribing Henry David Thoreau’s Walden by hand. Each time she finishes a page, she folds the paper into a loop on a paper chain and takes a sip of water. Lately, she shares her house with a man whose face shines like […]

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After Fall, Winter: An Interview with Eric Schaeffer

By Gary M. Kramer. Eric Schaeffer did not plan to make a sequel to his 1997 film Fall but fourteen years later, he wrote, directed, produced and starred in After Fall, Winter, now out on DVD. The film continues the story of Michael Shiver (Schaeffer), an author who is deeply in debt. He heads to […]

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