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The Great Gatsby (2013)

By Jacob Mertens. It was the summer before my sophomore year at high school, and I sat in a rundown bargain theater that only showed films months past their theatrical release. My mother had dragged me to a strange film called Moulin Rouge! (2001), and if I am to be honest my first thoughts were […]

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66th Cannes Film Festival Day 6 – Swedish Film Institute 50th Anniversary, Inside Llewyn Davis and Shield of Straw

By Moira Sullivan. Swedish Film Institute’s 50th Anniversy The Swedish Film Institute celebrates its 50th anniversary at Cannes this year. A press conference was held and new projects were discussed such as the upcoming Waltz for Monica to be released in December about the Swedish jazz singer Monica Zetterlund. Directed by Per Fly and written […]

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66th Cannes Film Festival Day 5 – Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, The Last of the Unjust and Blind Detective

By Moira Sullivan.  On day five, La Semaine de la Critique featured David Lowery’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints with Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara. The introduction given by the organizers impressed even the director. Less impressive was the film, with a story that has been done before: an outlaw does prison time, breaks out, returns home […]

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Coming Soon: Film International 62

‘The Last Silent Star Standing’: An Oral History of 1920s Film with Diana Serra Cary To delve into her life – almost Zelig-like in the manner she appears in photographs sparring playfully with Jack Dempsey, performing a graceful pose with Irene Castle, being held in Edgar Rice Burroughs’s arms – is to encounter a living […]

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Dream On: An Interview with Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

By Tom Ue. Lloyd Eyre-Morgan trained at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in film production. He has written and directed four successful plays and two feature films. This interview, completed by email on 8 May, explores the creative process behind his first, Dream On, which is released in the UK in June. Tom […]

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The Iceman, a Human Void

By Matthew Sorrento. In the documentary The Iceman Tapes (1992), Assistant Attorney General Robert J. Carroll asserts that Richard Kuklinski was not a serial killer. And yet in adapting his story for a feature film, director Ariel Vroman and his co-writers wisely conceive the mob hitman’s story thus. Kuklinski, who died in 2006 while serving […]

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66th Cannes Film Festival Day 4 – The Cannes Evolution Part 2, The Congress and Thai Cinema Night

By Moira Sullivan. The Evolution of Cannes Part 2 It is not only different programming sections that have changed over time, but Cannes screening venues as well. Here is an interesting parallel: the “Great Gothic Cathedrals” in France, particularly the Notre Dame de Paris, took over 400 years to be completed. This year, the famous […]

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66th Cannes Film Festival Day 3 – The Cannes Evolution, Strangers on the Lake and Like Father Like Son

By Moira Sullivan.  The Evolution of Cannes The Cannes Film Festival continues to be one of the most exciting manifestations of cinema in the world. Fortunately, the event is not only a cascade of film stars and legends, the Red Carpet, and the parties that the media promotes. There are sidebar film venues, which have […]

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66th Cannes Film Festival Day 2 – The Bling Ring and Touch of Sin

By Moira Sullivan. The reviews for The Great Gatsby were not overwhelmingly positive and most critics, including myself, recognized the film as ambitious but flawed. As an out of competition film, this imperfection is expected. Still, it is the kind of film that will attract audiences as it did a cadre of divided critics. Seen […]

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The Best Years of Our Lives: a Revaluation

By Christopher Sharrett. While writing an essay on the post-Vietnam film Rolling Thunder, I thought of William Wyler’s much-applauded 1946 film The Best Years of Our Lives, about three veterans returning at the close of World War II. I revisit this film often, but as much as I appreciate it (I am as moved as […]

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