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Whitewash: An Austin Film Festival Review

By Jacob Mertens.  Left buried in the formidable winter of Northern Quebec, Bruce (Thomas Haden Church) dwells in the cramped cabin of a snow plow. He drinks melted ice and eats tree bark, waits for the gas to ebb and the plow’s heat to die, then strikes out to forage for supplies. He has willfully […]

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The Noir Vision of Max Ophüls, Romantic Fatalist

By Wheeler Winston Dixon. Max Ophüls, born Maximillian Oppenheimer on 6 May 1902, Saarbrücken, Germany, was a director known primarily for his romance films, often with sweeping tracking shots, and often taking place in the past. Ophüls’ luxurious camera style is evident in such superb romance films as Letter from An Unknown Woman (1948), with […]

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Scoring Transcendence: Contemporary Film Music as Religious Experience (2013)

A Book Review by Brandon Konecny.  In recent years, theology has taken a growing interest in cinema, viewing it as both an effective exegetic tool and an intriguing cultural form worthy of the field’s attention, and this has brought with it the appearance of a number of stimulating works. However, the size of the burgeoning […]

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Big Sur: An Austin Film Festival Review

By Jacob Mertens. How tempting it would be to open this review with some Kerouac quote, a burst of frayed genius from his late stage novel Big Sur to set the tone. No doubt, it would give a better idea of what Michael Polish’s film adaptation sets out to accomplish, how intimidating a task it […]

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Commentary: Committed to Cypriot Cinema

By Stelana Kliris. Filmmaking in a developing country is a little like dancing the tango…one step forward, two steps back. Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean with a population of less than a million people. Yet it has a fascinating history, and present for that matter: it is a country still divided by […]

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La Notte (1961)

By William Repass.  “Whenever I try to communicate, love disappears.” When finally—after what seems like an ice age of anticipation—you receive your package in the mail, strip away the bubble-wrap with trembling fingers to reveal Criterion’s sleek new La Notte box-set (complete with blu-ray digital restoration, bonus interviews, and a booklet containing an article by […]

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1970s Rape-Revenge Films and their Remakes: Changing Representations

By Victoria Tickle. Rape-revenge films are a controversial sub-genre of films that have been the subject of many critical debates surrounding feminism, moral issues and ethics, as well as the representations of women, violence and gender roles. Rape-revenge films are often categorised as a sub-genre of other larger and more established genres such as “horror” […]

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Not so Innocent: The lasting influence of a ghostly classic!

By Cleaver Patterson. As the dark nights draw in and Christmas approaches, what better than to settle down and enjoy a good, old fashioned ghost story. It seems appropriate then that, as part of their Gothic season, the BFI has chosen to screen a classic chiller whose initial release was relatively low-key, yet went on […]

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Inside Llewyn Davis: An Austin Film Festival Review

By Jacob Mertens.  The folk singer sits at the fore of a small crowd in the Gaslight Cafe. The lights hang dim around him, pale concrete at his feet—more a somber tomb than a stage. He sings a strained ballad, voice raw and clear and imperfect but beautiful still. He utters the words of “Hang […]

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The Cognitive Bias Towards Pattern Seeking and the Festival Experience: The Ninth Annual Zurich Film Festival

By Davide Caputo. After a five-year absence, this year I returned to the Zurich Film Festival to find that the predictions I made regarding its potential in my previous review for FilmInt (6.1, 2008) had been exceeded. The festival now takes over far more of the city, expanding well beyond its hub of Bellevueplatz’s posh […]

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