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Call for Reviews – Winter 2013

By Jacob Mertens, Review Editor for Film International.  Here we are at the cusp of a new year, and the long-awaited Film International call for reviews is finally here! It is my pleasure to announce that we are actively seeking reviews for the titles listed blow. If you are interested in receiving items for review, please email me […]

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All is Lost: Great Forces at Sea

By Matthew Sorrento. The choice of writer-director JC Chandor to cast Robert Redford in All is Lost was astute, if not fortunate. By offering Redford the sole role in this survivalist-at-sea pic – essentially, a leaner Cast Away (2000; with no landing) for the 77-year-old performer, and a chance to prove he’s still strong onscreen […]

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12 Years a Slave: Commendable and Interesting

By Axel Andersson. At first it looks like an ornate latticework, but there is no way to separate the scars from the man. Most of us are familiar with the image, although few know the name of the most iconic whipped black man whose tortured skin has been reproduced so many times. Sitting in a […]

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The Invisible Woman (2013)

By Danny King.  For his first two stabs at directing, Ralph Fiennes has selected subject matter that seems typical of an actor-turned-director almost to the point of parody. His 2011 debut, Coriolanus, took an oft-disregarded but palpably intense Shakespeare text as its starting point, and the resulting film is jam-packed with juicy, three-course-meal performances, not […]

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Our Children, or the Importance of Medea

By Christopher Sharrett. Joachim Lafosse’s Our Children (Á perdre la raison, a.k.a. Loving without Reason, a much more sensible title) put me in mind of Catherine Corsini’s Leaving (Partir, 2009), in part because both films represent the continued promise of the international cinema during the US cinema’s ongoing willed bankruptcy at every level. Leaving appeared […]

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A Conversation with In Fear’s Jeremy Lovering

One of the boldest creative choices of the year came courtesy of director Jeremy Lovering, who took a bite out of the unconventional when he shot his unscripted feature debut, the psychological horror film In Fear (2013). Lovering discussed with Film International‘s Paul Risker his intent to create a portrait of fear by removing the […]

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Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie (Revised Edition) (2013)

A book review by Liza Palmer. In 2004, I had the pleasure of reviewing the first edition of Tony Lee Moral’s Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie for Scope. When I was approached to review the revised edition, I did not hesitate, recalling the first version to be a strong, organized production history – a […]

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

By Cleaver Patterson. A book like J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit was always going to be too big in size and scope to be contained, should it ever be made, by just one film. Whether this justifies stretching it over three, as New Zealand director Peter Jackson has done, remains to be seen. The […]

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In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter (2012)

By Robert Kenneth Dator. Every single bit of visual stimulus that comes to the human brain via the visual cortex must be interpreted, learned, and filed away for future reference. This morgue of literally countless images—and more important, bits of images—from every conceivable axial point of reference serves as a vocabulary. The purpose of so […]

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AFI 2013 Festival Report

By Michael Miller. AFI Fest unspooled along Hollywood Boulevard November 7-14, 2013 to almost entirely full houses. The event permits a sizable number of free tickets available to the public via an online lottery. This enables a large, diverse audience to partake of the equally diverse cinematic fare. Here is a rundown of a handful […]

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