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The Secret World of the Warrior Elites: 007, Fukuyama and Tom Jones

By Rajko Radovic. If you have a message, send it by Western Union! That was the legendary answer Hollywood bigwigs would fire at those among suspiciously mortal critics, usually foreign or pinko, who were wondering whether or not the pictures they were making had anything to say. On a certain level the dismissive retort affirmed […]

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Contemporary Romanian Cinema: The History of an Unexpected Miracle (2013)

A Book Review by Brandon Konecny. In the introduction of his Post New Wave Cinema in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, published in 1989, Daniel J. Goulding writes, “Among the internationally significant national cinemas of Central and Eastern Europe, only Romania has shown little sign of renewal…At the time of this writing, film developments […]

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Scripting for the “Old Hands”: An Interview with Charles Agron and Tobin Bell on Dark House

By Michael T. Toole. Victor Salva has long had a popular career in the horror genre with titles such as Clownhouse (1989) and the Jeepers Creepers franchise (beginning in 2001, with Part III in the works). His latest offering, Dark House, mines some known territory of the eternal (and essential) battle of good and evil. If you’ve seen the previews, you’ll notice […]

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Filming Living History: An Interview with Award-Winning TV Documentary Producer, Michael Rossi

By Noah Charney. February saw the release of a new, highly-acclaimed documentary film called The Rise and Fall of Penn Station, about the sadly-demolished, once-magnificent architectural wonder of a train station in the heart of Manhattan, one that made Grand Central Terminal look pale in comparison. Michael Rossi was a producer on this documentary, part […]

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Only Lovers Left Alive – A SXSW Review

  By Jacob Mertens. A man and a woman lie naked on a bed of black satin, their pale skin holding the frame like a match struck in a dark room. Eyes closed, bodies delicately entwined, the two form an unconscious union. They hold close to each other and sleep without stirring, still as death. […]

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Berlinale 2014 Festival Report

By Yun-hua Chen.  The 64th Berlinale opened with Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, a fitting festival film that set a playful tone and brought glamour to town, thanks to which we saw the presence of Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray and Saoirse on the red carpet. In this yearly event of film exhibition and […]

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Bruno Dumont and the Revival of the Human, Part 3

By Christopher Sharrett. To Part 2. Hadewijch Hadewijch is the first of two films (the second is Hors Satan) directly focused on the pursuit of the spiritual. I should say first that the two films present a problem, since the search is embodied in Hadewijch in a hysterical young woman named Céline (Julie Sokolowski), who […]

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Bruno Dumont and the Revival of the Human, Part 2

By Christopher Sharrett. To Part 1. L’Humanité Bruno Dumont’s second film has been termed by certain commentators a “remake” of La Vie de Jésus. The notion is bewildering. Yes, both films are shot in Bailleul, both films deal with often everyday, banal actions of characters, but to fail to note the differences between these two […]

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Bruno Dumont and the Revival of the Human, Part 1

By Christopher Sharrett. Bruno Dumont is among our most important filmmakers, a fact that has gone mostly unnoticed outside Europe. His particular significance seems unrecognized in the US. There are very few critical essays about him of any depth and intelligence, except for a couple of notable contributions in Senses of Cinema and Sight and […]

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Grand Piano (2013)

By Danny King.  In the press notes for Grand Piano, director Eugenio Mira states the following: “Having been raised by wolves like Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Brian De Palma and the Master of Masters Sir Alfred Hitchcock, when I first heard of Grand Piano’s premise, the feral infant film-geek in me sprang out of my […]

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