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Interstellar: A Faltering Exercise in Space-Bound Theatrics

By Forrest Cardamenis. In what may prove to be Interstellar’s most memorable scene, Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper (that’s a last name; curiously, he is never given a first) is transported into a teserract in which time is physically navigable. While there he tells TARS, a helpful robot who has been with him on his intergalactic journey, […]

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Lucky: 2011

By James Teitelbaum.  Durban is the third-largest city in South Africa, and is the biggest port town on the continent’s Indian Ocean coast. Although about half of the city’s population are black African and over a third of the population considers Zulu to be their first language, Durban is also home to the world’s largest […]

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The Radical Film Network: for sustainable, oppositional film culture

By Steve Presence. “Today we do not really have any ‘centralized’ hubs like Indymedia anymore. What we do have is a proliferation of independent media collectives that are all more or less working in the same direction but that nevertheless remain relatively scattered.” (Jerome Roos, ROAR Magazine Manifesto, 2013) “We need another big push to […]

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Brighton Palestine Film Festival 2014

By Anthony Killick. The Brighton Palestine Film Festival is one of the latest contributions to the worldwide proliferation of film festivals dedicated to Palestinian liberation. Taking place from the 7th–9th November at the soon to be demolished Brighton Arts Centre, the festival hosted screenings and talks, with a focus on audience participation and film as […]

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Different Faces of Syria: Director Mohammed Ali Atassi on Our Terrible Country (2014)

By Yun-hua Chen. Mohammed Ali Atassi brought his second documentary, Our Terrible Country, co-directed with Ziad Homsi, to the Viennale 2014. The film follows the perilous journey of the Syrian intellectual Yassin al-Haj Saleh, at a time the country has been torn apart by the ongoing war. This road trip turns out to be a […]

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Nightcrawler: Blood from All of Us

By Matthew Sorrento. He can “work all day, and creep all night,” stated Dr. James Grigson, nicknamed Dr. Death (for his penchant for sending the accused to the chair) about Randall Adams, the man wrongfully accused for the murder of a Dallas policeman featured in Errol Morris’ exemplary documentary The Thin Blue Line (1988). Grigson’s diagnosis […]

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San Francisco Film Society: New Italian Cinema – November 19-23, 2014

By Janine Gericke. The San Francisco Film Society’s fall season completes its three weekend season with New Italian Cinema. The weekend offers dysfunctional families, supernatural horror, romantic comedies, and much more as part of its stellar lineup. Sofia Loren makes an appearance in director Edoardo Ponti’s short film Human Voice. The special screening also includes […]

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Liverpool Radical Film Festival 2014

By Anthony Killick. “Kurdish people don’t just say democracy, we say radical democracy.” (Sema Yildiz) The Liverpool Radical Film Festival ran from the 13th–16th November. As part of an emerging UK wide Radical Film Network the festival makes its contribution towards regaining access to the city through the creation of spaces in which explicitly left-wing […]

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10.000 Km (2014)

By Zhuo-Ning Su.  Spanish writer/director Carlos Marques-Marcet’s 10.000 Km is the kind of movie that’s powered by so much honesty and insight that, despite the built-in developmental restrictions from its limited thematic focus, casts a universal spell and hits you on the most visceral level. Photographer Alex (Natalia Tena) wins an unexpected grant for a one-year […]

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Casting David Fincher: An Interview with Laray Mayfield

By Paul Risker. David Fincher’s work features a compelling cast of characters. Working alongside the filmmaker to give these characters life on the screen, by lifting them off the page and placing them into the hands of actors, has been casting director Laray Mayfield. One of the many integral collaborative roles in the filmmaking process, casting can […]

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