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Dream Stories: An Interview with Andrew Adamson on Mr. Pip (2012)

By Paul Risker. When writer-director Andrew Adamson set out to adapt Lloyd Jones’ novel Mr. Pip (2006) Adamson was no stranger to the literary bloodlines that run through the cinematic art form. As the writer/director of the fairytale-inspired Shrek films to the adaptations of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series, Adamson’s oeuvre is built on the premise […]

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The One I Love: Another Film Lost in The Cosmos

By Wheeler Winston Dixon. Godard called his masterwork Weekend (1967) “a film lost in the cosmos – a film found on the scrapheap” in that movie’s intertitles, but at least it opened in a theater in New York, played there for months, and then made the rounds on the university and art house circuit in […]

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The Lofty and the Humdrum: Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery

By John Duncan Talbird. No person looks into the camera in a Frederick Wiseman documentary. Some critics use the term cinéma vérité to describe his type of filmmaking, but Wiseman rejects this label. He says it suggests a guy showing up and hanging around, filming whatever happens to be there. He hates the analogy “fly […]

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