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“With Women Like You in the World…”: The Girl is in Trouble (2015)

By Jude Warne. The title of this thriller perhaps suggests all one needs to know about its plot, tone and perspective. A girl is in trouble. The girl here, Signe (Alicja Bachleda), is a stereotype of stereotypes, a beautiful but double-crossing Euro chick who gets physically and verbally abused by the main male characters in […]

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The Pictures of a Lady: In Praise of Grace Kelly

By Daniel Garrett. Some old films have a special appeal. They might not be excellent or particularly beloved objects, and yet they have something that sustains our attention. When I saw Mogambo (1953), I found the love triangle in it interesting even as I recognized its familiarity: an honest rogue – sophisticated, but choosing to […]

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Reality in Different Visions: Wei Hu on Butter Lamp (2013)

By Paul Risker. The outset of Wei Hu’s filmmaking journey has taken the form of small steps, although the burgeoning young filmmaker admits that his two short films Le Propriétaire (2012) and Butter Lamp (2013) have infused him with a passion and belief in cinema. He explains, “I am confident in taking a path that exploits […]

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The 34th Istanbul Film Festival: Marked with Solidarity Against Censorship and the Void Left by Cancelled Competitions

By N. Buket Cengiz. It was the festival fever once again heralding the coming of spring in Istanbul when the 34th Istanbul Film Festival started on the 3rd of April with great energy as always. Even richer this year with the addition of the National Documentary Competition to its longtime International and National Golden Tulip […]

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Ex Machina: Woman Abused (to Small Concern)

By Christopher Sharrett. Alex Garland’s Ex Machina (some radio announcers have said “ex masheena”—one wonders if anyone knows Athenian drama, and the particular reasons behind theater’s use of the god from the machine) seems to be the must-see sci-fi film of the season, based on comments by newspaper and Internet reviewers. Manohla Dargis says the film […]

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The 65th Annual Berlinale Film Festival

By Zhuo-Ning Su. The Berlin International Film Festival—or the “Berlinale”—celebrated its 65th edition earlier this year (Feb. 5- 15). Locked in bitter, continental weather with little sunshine and no palm trees, Berlin is no match for Cannes both in terms of glamour and prestige. In the past decade, the growing presence of the Sundance Film […]

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Burden of Peace: An Interview with Filmmaker Joey Boink

By Amir Ganjavie.  Claudia Paz y Paz, a highly respected criminal law expert and judge with over eighteen years of experience, was the former Attorney General of Guatemala. As the first woman to hold such a high position in Guatemala, she was at the forefront of different fights to bring justice to the nation during her […]

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Diva Directors Around the Globe: Spotlight on Kirsten Sheridan

By Anna Weinstein. Irish writer-director Kirsten Sheridan has directed three features and five shorts since 2001. Her screenplay for In America (2002), which she co-wrote with her sister Naomi Sheridan and her father Jim Sheridan, was nominated for a WGA award and an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Her film August Rush (2007), starring Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Freddie Highmore, and the late Robin Williams, won the Teen […]

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Rhythms of Nature: Kornél Mundruczó’s White God (2015)

By Paul Risker.  White God (Fehér istenr, 2014) emerges into being amidst a dreamy haze. While there is a lightness to the image of motion, its confinement within the rectangular frame meets with a weightier force. And as the film’s title intrudes quickly upon this dreamlike sequence, a powerful note is struck that is reminiscent […]

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Sean Mewshaw and Desi Van Til’s Tumbledown: A Tribeca Interview

By Gary M. Kramer.  Tumbledown, directed and written, respectively, by the husband and wife team of Sean Mewshaw and Desi Van Til, premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The film has Hannah (Rebecca Hall) meeting cute with Andrew (Jason Sudeikis) who wants to write a book about the former’s late husband, Hunter, a musician […]

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