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The Heart of Fuller’s Marauders: Film is Like a Battleground – Samuel Fuller’s War Movies by Marsha Gordon

A Book Review by Tony Williams. During his lifetime, Samuel Fuller was fortunate enough to receive acclaim from monographs and articles dedicated to his films as well as continue working for as long as possible in film, unlike Buster Keaton and Douglas Sirk. Regardless of championship by Cahiers du Cinema, the Edinburgh 1969 Film Festival and […]

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At Home in Akron: An Interview with Sasha King and Brian O’Donnell

By Tom Ue. Akron is the first film directed by Sasha King and Brian O’Donnell, an independent film written by the latter. Shot on location in Akron, Ohio, the film stars Benny (Matthew Frias) and Christopher (Edmund Donovan), who are linked by a tragic past. In what follows, we discuss the film’s production. Akron is the first […]

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Film Scratches: Public Stories, Private Memories – Tip of My Tongue (2017)

Film Scratches focuses on the world of experimental and avant-garde film, especially as practiced by individual artists. It features a mixture of reviews, interviews, and essays. A Review by David Finkelstein. When filmmaker Lynne Sachs turned 50, she had an impulse to look back and examine her life. (This impulse to take stock typically hit my parents’ […]

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A Conquering Female Spirit in The Brand New Testament

By Kate Hearst. First screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, and recently released in the United States, Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael’s surrealistic fantasy, The Brand New Testament, chronicles a familial struggle between a mean-spirited patriarchal God (Benoît Poelvoorde) and his feisty ten-year old-daughter Ea (Pili Groyne) with humanity in the balance. Given the […]

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Out of the Past: Jack Garfein’s Something Wild on Criterion

By Tony Williams. Something Wild (1961) has nothing to do with the similarly titled well-known 1986 Jonathan Demme film. In fact before the list of Criterion new releases arrived, I frankly confess that I had never even heard of it. How can anyone now claim to have an encyclopedia knowledge of cinema that may have […]

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