Inexorable and the Suffocating Expanses of Fabrice Du Welz (TIFF 2021)

By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. This Belgian filmmaker’s extraordinary mastery over space and his ability to manipulate our experience of it draws me into his frequently dark, sometimes tragic and commonly perverse movies.” There are few filmmakers whose movies so effectively create a sense of claustrophobia, of suffocation, of being closed in […]

Dear Evan Hansen: Not Quite the Broadway Epiphany

By Elias Savada. The new movie adaptation, starring a now 27-year-old Platt, has a few problems…. the conversion to the big screen (of this tale concerning social anxiety disorder) brought the play’s A+ grade down to a B-minus.” Just over six years ago, a high school musical captured my heart […]

Defying a Deadly Game: The Alpinist

By Elias Savada. A penetrating ride up the side of sheer madness, yet a celebration of one man’s individualism.” Been there, seen that. Well, if we’re talking about mountain climbing. No, not me personally. I’ve just watched a lot of rock (climbing) stars in movies glorifying those incredibly epic – […]

Steve Neale: Interrogating Cinema

By Frank Krutnik. Renowned for his groundbreaking work on genre, Neale has also made key interventions into other areas of film and media criticism…. [He] is not afraid to challenge critical orthodoxies, but does so not in a grandstanding manner but with a persuasive equanimity that invites us to rethink […]

Family Ties: Toby Poser and John Adams on The Adams Family’s Hellbender

By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. After seven features, starting when the girls were 6 and 11 years old, we’ve learned how to dance together pretty well. It’s a constant evolution, not only our collective education with camera and sound equipment, but also in building a solid democracy as far as how we […]

Archetypes and Native American Cinema: Lyle Corbine Jr. on Wild Indian

By Ali Moosavi. Despite the title and the grandiose nature of the film…[Makwa’s journey] was really a personal retelling of things that I’ve seen in my Ojibwe community and the different responses to trauma there.” Wild Indian is the feature film debut of Native American filmmaker Lyle Corbine Jr. Lyle. […]