Defying a Deadly Game: The Alpinist

By Elias Savada. A penetrating ride up the side of sheer madness, yet a celebration of one man’s individualism.” Been there, seen that. Well, if we’re talking about mountain climbing. No, not me personally. I’ve just watched a lot of rock (climbing) stars in movies glorifying those incredibly epic – […]

Old Math, New Tricks: Paul Schrader’s The Card Counter

By Elias Savada. Some of you may be screaming at Schrader for his obsession with tormented souls in slow-burning, character-driven, and fiercely impulsive dramas. But if anyone’s going to tackle the style, I want him driving the car. And Isaac is his poker face chauffeur in The Card Counter.” In […]

Smiles in the World of Tiles: Lily Topples the World

By Elias Savada. A lovely little crowd pleaser, devoid of drama but filled with captivating artistry.” Like a leisurely afternoon watching fun YouTube videos, Lily Topples the World collects a bunch of those, and more, as it puts a smile on your face as worlds (of tile) tumble. No matter […]

Reminiscence: A SciFi-Noir Slog

By Elias Savada. A sad debut feature for Lisa Joy, the co-creator, often executive producer and producer, and sometimes writer of HBO’s highly regarded Westworld series. Her vision here totters between genres and usually just reminds you of better film….” With his Wolverine days behind him, his new role finds […]

Waiting for da Vinci, or Someone Like Him: The Lost Leonardo

By Elias Savada. Danish director Koefoed has created an absorbing gathering of principal players in the scams and schemes at play in the art world, gathering opinions, comments, and stories that could make your toes curl, and rob you blind.” When I say Leonardo, most of you will think either […]

An Arthurian Fever Dream: David Lowery’s The Green Knight

By Elias Savada. Patel’s explosive performance pushes this fever dream of a film into award-worthy contender territory.” Mythical fantasy has met its latest fan, and his name is David Lowery. Yes, he’s aptly called a visionary filmmaker, one who likes to ambitiously spin genres on their heads. He loves to […]

Stillwater: Sub-Par McCarthy, with Damon as Everydad

By Elias Savada. I pray that Stillwater is just a blip on the director’s stunning career. I wish that I could recommend this latest film from director Tom McCarthy, whose first feature, The Station Agent, remains fresh in my mind after 18 years. I loved that inaugural work (“a film […]

Seeking the Unknown – The Loneliest Whale: the Search for 52

By Elias Savada. A fascinating tale about a undiscovered, single beast that emitted a sound, one that other whales did not comprehend. No one has ever answered his call…. Zeeman casts this project as something akin to the old Leonard Nemoy television series In Search of….” There are plenty of […]

Ladies in Rescue: Black Widow

By Elias Savada. The scenery, as in any big Marvel or James Bond movie (many shot at Pinewood Studios, like this was) moves about the globe…. Plenty of races, car chases, collateral damage….” There’s a lot to like in the latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plenty of action, […]