Miranda July’s Latest Tonic: Kajillionaire

By Elias Savada. There are ample moments of lunacy and sentiment in Kajillionaire that will provide so crackling good amusement and uplift.” Miranda July’s new film is all about hard knock lives. The Dyne family – three dubious tricksters – are trying to make it through day by dreary day […]

No Sparks: Michael Almereyda’s Tesla

By Elias Savada. Ethan Hawke elevates the role as the lead actor in Tesla, but he never really gets to show much range….” When I last commented on filmmaker Michael Almereyda, it was about the favorable impression I had watching Marjorie Prime (2017), his sci-fi-without-being-science-fictiony examination of artificial intelligence. Boy, […]

Hey Guys, Where Have You Been? Bill & Ted Face the Music

By Elias Savada. Here’s an inane and silly tonic, one that might lift people’s souls in these sad times. Like Santa Claus coming down the chimney at Christmas, Bill & Ted Face the Music offers a crazed, intoxicating gift” It’s been nearly three decades since Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter […]

Last Stop for the Train to Busan: Yeon Sang-ho’s Peninsula

By Elias Savada. All the things that made the original so great are lacking in its new CGI-heavy follow-up. Its heart is still pumping with adrenaline, though” You know the saying. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. The problem with South Korean fillmmaker Yeon Sang-ho’s new zombie […]

Aliens and Raging Hormones Meet in Egor Abramenko’s Sputnik

By Elias Savada. Be warned – Sputnik‘s creature most likely did not come in peace.” When I was a child, I was fascinated by those first artificial satellites launched into orbit around our planet. For those caught up on world history, the Russians were the trailblazers, in October 1957, with […]

Saving Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friends: Jesse Alk’s Pariah Dog

By Elias Savada. Pariah Dog highlights Alk’s ability as an extremely gifted, poetic, and even counter-culture filmmaker who has fashioned a labor of love for his debut feature.” A hazy dusk is arriving in Kolkata in West Bengal, India (the most far eastern part of the country, on the border […]

These Kids Are Alright: Boys State

By Elias Savada. Politics these days are more decisive than ever. A day doesn’t go by without “someone” threatening to bring down the system of government another notch into a seemingly bottomless abyss. Maybe our future leaders will have a better understanding in the years ahead, although I often wonder […]