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Esther C.M. Yau and Tony Williams on Hong Kong Neo-Noir

With a goal to look “closely into the many shades and faces that make up the usual and unusual suspects of neo-noir,” and “to illuminate and enrich an expanding range of global noirs” (2), Eshter C.M. Yau with co-editor – and Film International Contributing Editor – Tony Williams present their edited collection Hong Kong Neo-Noir (Edinburgh University Press, […]

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James Jones: The Limits of Eternity by Film International Contributing Editor Tony Williams

James Jones: The Limits of Eternity is the first major study of the entirety of Jones’s published fiction. Rather than claiming him as a war novelist due to his well-known war trilogy From Here to Eternity, The Thin Red Line, and Whistle, this study aims to claim Jones as a major 20th-century American Writer. His […]

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Creating the Vision: An Interview with Cinematographer Billy Williams

By David A. Ellis. Retired cinematographer Billy Williams (born on 3 June 1929 in Walthamstow, London) began working in documentaries at age fourteen (his father, Billy senior, was also a cinematographer) and then graduated to television and feature films. He had Oscar nominations for Women in Love (1969) and On Golden Pond (1981) and had several BAFTA nominations. In 1982, he won […]

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Times Remembered – Junior Bonner: The Making of a Classic with Steve McQueen and Sam Peckinpah in the Summer of 1971 by Jeb Rosebrook with Stuart Rosebrook

A Book Review by Tony Williams. It is frequently true that publishers like Bear Manor Media not only offer the possibility of valuable access to books that are rarely considered by corporate concerns, whether inside or outside academia, but give any reviewer both light relief and pleasure from the heavyweight tomes awaiting review. Junior Bonner: […]

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Market Values – Screening Stephen King: Adaptation and the Horror Genre in Film and Television by Simon Brown

The Shining (1980) A Book Review by Tony Williams. During my final year in what was soon becoming Thatcher’s “green and septic isle” even before Blair and Tessie, I read quite a number of early Stephen King novels such as Carrie (1974), Salem’s Lot (1975), The Shining (1977), Cujo (1981), The Dead Zone (1979), The Stand (1978), and Pet […]

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Becoming Cary Grant: The Awful Truth from Criterion

By Tony Williams. It appears very unusual to think that the debonair star we tend to think of as an actual person was an invention, someone whom the actor himself would have liked to be in real life. Though seeing some of his films theatrically on first release such as The Pride and the Passion […]

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A Televisual Tale of Three Cities – Television Cities: Paris, London, Baltimore by Charlotte Brunsdon

A Book Review by Tony Williams. This concisely written and informative monograph represents a critical examination of the role cityscapes play within certain televised fictional representations. While many books exist on the city landscape, the marginalization of television as a valid discursive territory in its own right has led to a certain amount of scholarly […]

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Genius in Collaboration: The Outer Limits, Season One from Kino Lorber

By Tony Williams. I saw my first episode of The Outer Limits on a regional independent television station in the mid-60s. Opening with the evocative credit sequence “There is nothing wrong with your television set. We will control everything…” the off-screen voice of Vic Perrin promised to take us all on “a great adventure” and […]

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Unfertile Perspectives – A Green and Pagan Land: Myth, Magic and Landscape in British Film and Television by David Huckvale

A Book Review by Tony Williams. According to an old saying about not judging a book by its cover, the same can apply both to the image on the cover as well as the subtitle. This latest study by David Huckvale, A Green and Pagan Land: Myth, Magic and Landscape in British Film and Television […]

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Where Does the Shredding End? – Ripping England: Postwar British Satire from Ealing to the Goons by Roger Rawlings

A Book Review by Tony Williams. Ripping England is the latest of two recent studies by American academics devoted to aspects of British Cinema. Although the day is long gone when certain snotty English academics could remark that Americans should not write about British cinema gaining the justified response, “Then why don’t you stop Ed […]

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