All A-bored: Bullet Train

By Elias Savada. Style only goes so far in the case of Bullet Train. It can’t make up for all the other problems, especially the leaky script, self-destructing humor, and bland visual effects.” The bland zen-casual jokes that abound in Bullet Train — a boldly-stylized, hyper-exaggerated adaptation of popular Japanese […]

One Man’s Gutsy Final Journey – Jack Has a Plan

By Elias Savada. [With] a low-key ghoulish humor…Jack Has a Plan bookends the moments of Jack’s emotional departure with an audio-visual scrapbook of memories and some lovely discoveries.” There’s a low-key ghoulish humor that welcomes viewers to this documentary: “Formaldehyde Films Presents,” especially since this life-affirming story is all about […]

Not Alone: Akiko Ohku’s Tremble All You Want (Kani Releasing)

By Thomas Puhr. The kind of release that makes you appreciate the untapped reservoir (at least for Western audiences) that is contemporary world cinema, and wish for more home video releases like it.” When we first see Yoshika, she is knee deep in a quarter-life crisis. “I’m such a wimp!” […]

Trauma, Born Again: Resurrection (2022)

By Jeremy Carr. Resurrection moves along at a generally foreboding pace with efficiently intermittent revelations and expository arrangements, largely motivated by Semans’ devious direction, Hall’s multifaceted performance, and the outlandishness of its expectant impetus.” Margaret has it all figured out. She’s successful and in control at work, presiding over her […]

A Subtle Kind of Heroism: From Where They Stood

By Michael Sandlin. From Where They Stood shows that documentary filmmaking – used by the Allies during WWII to bring the true scope of Nazi concentration camp horror into the public eye in the first place – can still shed historically relevant light on the Holocaust eighty-some years later.” Although […]

Fist in the Fire: Wang Yu’s One-Armed Boxer (Arrow Video)

By Thomas Puhr. This ‘plot’ is mostly window dressing for a series of increasingly complicated (and ridiculous) fight sequences. These set pieces are impressively choreographed and shot…boasting the kind of excessive violence similar genre exercises promise yet don’t always deliver.” The good people at Arrow Video may have the market […]

Heaven is Overrated: Luke Boyce’s Revealer

By Thomas Puhr. It didn’t go where I expected it to. And at the end of the day, isn’t that just about one of the best things a movie (especially a horror outing) can have going for it?” Watching Luke Boyce’s Revealer (2022) gave me a much-needed lesson in patience. […]

Half-Baked Cosmic Horror: Rich Ragsdale’s The Long Night

By Thomas Puhr. The Stuart Gordon ingredients are indeed there, though the film which precedes this loving dedication fails to do anything interesting with them.” Rich Ragsdale’s The Long Night (2022) – we learn during its end credits – is dedicated to schlock-master Stuart Gordon. This comparison makes sense: the […]