Volume 20 Issue 4 (2022)

Editorial Issue 102
By Daniel Lindvall

Women Producers, Writers, Illustrators and Directors in Netflix’s BoJack Horseman
By Jenny Paola Ortega Castillo

The Magdalene Sisters (2002) and Little Black Spiders (2012)
By Katrijn Bekers

‘We’re Just Telling Our Stories as People’: Production choices and Minari’s take on the diasporic American dream
By Arezou Zalipour

Exploring Images of Community, Collectivity and ‘The People’ within Emergent Discussions of a Folk Cinema
By Jamie Chambers

Introducing Short Film, the Great Neglected Art Form of Our Age
By Benjamin George Coles

Against Stereotypical Representations: On young Saudi directors
By Hania A. M. Nashef

Childhood Transformation Rooms in David Lean’s Oliver Twist (1948) and Vincente Minnelli’s Gigi (1958)
By George Toles

Personal Confrontation in and with Wilderness vs. the Comforts of Community
By Jay A. Gertzman

An Outsider Festival Presents Outsiders: The 2022 San Sebastian
International Film Festival
By Ali Moosavi

Falling into the Realm of Chaos: Event Horizon
By Andrew Kolarik

Exploitation as Artefact: The Toolbox Murders
By William Blick

A Transcending Social Space: HBO’s We Are Who We Are
By Chet Domitz

Parting Words: Viewing films one image at a time; or, remembering Hannah Frank (1984–2017)
By T. R. Merchant-Knudsen


Volume 20 Issue 3 (2022)

Editorial Issue 101 
By Daniel Lindvall

The Woman in Front of Your Face: Conversations between female friends in two of Hong Sang-soo’s latest
By Kayla McCulloch

Two Faces of Neo-Liberalism: American Psycho and Joker
By Milo Sweedler

The Osterman Weekend as Revenge Tragedy 
By Tony Williams

Slags and Slag Heaps: The box-office appeal of Get Carter’s Tyneside texture
By Vincent L. Barnett

The 70th Anniversary of High Noon
By Henryk Hoffmann

A Legacy of Spectacle: The impact of Georges Méliès on science-fiction filmmaking
By Bertram Robert Ulrich

The Magic Realism of The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short (1965)
By Gertjan Willems

Millennium and Apocalyptic Symbolism
By Ken Hall

The Outfit, a Gangster Metanarrative
By Ken Hall

Bamboozled Revisited
By Robert K. Lightning

Billy Wilder and ‘His Sons’: An Interview with Joseph McBride
By Ali Moosavi

Documenting the History of a Pandemic: Interview with Mladen Kovačević
By Yun-Hua Chen

Of Stage and Screen: A Book Review of Curtains of Light: Theatrical Space in Film by George Toles
By Theresa Rodewald

Variety in National Quality Television: A Book Review of Russian TV Series in the Era of Transition: Genres, Technologies, Identities
By Sergey Toymentsev

Cross-Cultural Translation: A Book Review of How the World Remade Hollywood: Global Interpretations of 65 Iconic Films
By Constantine Verevis

Parting Words: Sacheen Littlefeather, American Hero
By Gary D. Rhodes


Volume 20 Issue 1/2 (2022)

Editorial Issue 99-100
By Daniel Lindvall

La dolce vita: Fellini’s cautionary tale of male domination
By Antonella D’Aquino

The Bollywood Item Girl, New Femininity and Hypersexualization
By Joel Gwynne, Arukshita Anand

The Queen’s Body: The Favourite by Yorgos Lanthimos
By Serra Inan and Ayça Tunç Cox

Australia’s Outback Wonderland: Dreams of the Other in Nicolas Roeg’s Walkabout and Ted Kotcheff’s Wake in Fright
By Kierran Argent Horner

History as Melancholia: Masahiro Shinoda’s Spy Sorge
By Tony Williams

Prolepsis in the Terminator Series
By Kenneth E. Hall

Disciplining the Reader: Epistolary Cinema and the relentless superego in Michael Haneke’s Caché
By Jason Clemence

Almost Understood: : Rehearsals for life and death in John Huston’s The Misfits (1961) 
By George Toles

Hidden Fire: Four motifs in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer
By Steven Rybin

In the Shadow of Women: : Frustrated gazes and thwarted desire in José Luis Guerín’s In the City of Sylvia
By James Slaymaker

Bing Crosby: Nemesis of an actor’s director
By Tiela Garnett

‘Theatricality, Musicality and Physicality’: An Interview with Amanda Kramer
By Yun-Hua Chen

Realizing Dance on Film: An Interview with Sam Asaert
By Tom Ue

Danger, Dread and Decadence: Giallo Essentials (Yellow Edition)
By Jeremy Carr

Not All Talk: Uncut Gems
By Thomas M. Puhr

Screening Antiquity: A Book Review of Ancient Epic in Film and Television
By Varsha Ramachandran

Parting Words: Back to the Story – Narrative and Narration by Warren Buckland
By Matthew Sorrento


Volume 19 Issue 4 (2021)

Editorial Issue 98
By Daniel Lindvall

Death of the American Dream
By Mark Lager

* * *

Special Section: ‘In Memory of Victor Perkins’

By Charles Warren, William Rothman, Murray Pomerance

The Integrity of Film
By Charles Warren

Film as Film and the Personal
By William Rothman

Upstairs, Downstairs
By Murray Pomerance

* * *

A Pure Mathematical Tragedy: Tragedy: Denis Villeneuve’s Incendies
By Milo Sweedler

The Comedy Editor’s Philosophy
By Roger Nygard

‘I Wanted Some Fucking Rinky-Dink Movie Career’: Quentin Tarantino, the director-as-DJ
By Carl Sweeney

Defining Post-Catastrophe Cinema
By Stephen Lee Naish

A Copy of a Copy of a Cop: Fincher’s Envious Zodiac
By Martin Kevorkian

The Conversation We Need Now: Nitram
By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Reading Eileen Chang and Filming Hong Kong
By Tom Ue

Forgotten Women Comediennes in Silent Film: An Interview with Kristen Anderson Wagner
By Anna Weinstein

A ‘Universe of Associations’: The Complete Films of Agnes Varda
By Sandy Flitterman-Lewis

You Could Drive a Person Crazy, Take 10: Original Cast Album: Company
By J. M. Tyree

A Night of Consequence: Ashes and Diamonds
By Jeremy Carr

Resetting the Scene: Classical Hollywood Revisited, edited by Philippa Gates and Katherine Spring
By Marshall Deutelbaum

Reliable Narrators, Reliable Authors: Who Says? by Lisa Zeidner
By John Talbird

Parting Words: Remembering Steve Neale
By Frank Krutnik


Volume 19 Issue 3 — Special Issue Guest-Edited by Retreats from Oblivion: The Journal of NoirCon (2021) 

Editorial: Noir Now More Than Ever
By Matthew Sorrento

Caution, Double Detours Ahead!: A noir classic and its 1992 remake
By Kurt Brokaw

Dreams Come Undone: Edmund Goulding’s Nightmare Alley (Criterion Collection)
By Matthew Sorrento

Return from Neo-Oblivion: Richard Fleischer’s Trapped (1949) from Flicker Alley
By Tony Williams

Where Emotions Roil but Are Not Revealed: Ossie Davis’s Cotton Comes to Harlem
By Joseph Hirsch

Trouble at Home: Darkness in the post-war
By Christopher Sharrett

A Very Dangerous Citizen’: Abraham Polonsky,
film noir and ‘the Jewish question’
By Dean Goldberg

Philly to the Steel Pier: David Goodis’s The Burglar from novel to shooting script
By Jay A. Gertzman

The Moon Makes One Mad: The Moon in the Gutter (La Lune dans le caniveau, 1983)
By Roger Leatherwood

The Big Grab of a Heist: Any Number Can Win, from page to screen
By Brian Greene

Stalking the Stalker: Jamie Thraves adapting Patricia Highsmith’s The Cry of the Owl
By K. A. Laity

Whispers in the Mind’s Eye: Reginald Le Borg’s Calling Dr. Death (1943)
By Gary D. Rhodes

Tale of ‘The Creeper’: Hybrid noir in The House of Horrors
By Jim Towns

My Kinsman, Bulldog Drummond
By Earl Javorsky

The Other Tay Garnett Noir: Cause for Alarm
By Tiela Garnett

Interview: Eddie Muller on Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir (revised and expanded edition, 2021) (preview)
By Zoe Kurland

Interview: Ken Bruen
By Paula Murphy

Ten Reasons Not to Announce Your Movie Deal
By Ken Bruen

Interview: Charles Ardai of Hard Case Crime
By Jake Rutkowski

Interview: Christa and Samantha Fuller on Samuel Fuller
By Ali Moosavi

Interview: Adrian Wootton of Film London
By Theresa Rodewald

Interview: Greg Giovanni and Andrew Repasky McElhinney
By Nicole Elizabeth Cook

The American Gun Mystery, and Other Classics to Come
By Otto Penzler

Parting Words: Noir on the horizon
By Lou Boxer, director of NoirCon


Volume 19 Issue 2 (2021)

May be an image of 6 people, people standing and text

Editorial Issue 96
Author: Daniel Lindvall
Pages: 4-5

Under a Star
Author: Murray Pomerance
Pages: 7-16

Cultural Specificity and Cinematic Narration
Author: Mahoro Semege
Pages: 17-40

Author: Chukwuma Anyanwu
Pages: 41-54

Days of Vision, Working with David Mercer
Authors: Tony Williams
Pages: 55-84

The James Bond Films, the Orphan Myth and the Western
Author: Kenneth E. Hall
Pages: 85-94

Characters with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Cinema
Authors: Maria Evangelia Lisgou, Assimina Tsibidaki
Pages: 95-104

Not in Love and Never Alone
Author: Katya Krylova
Pages: 105-123

When No Means ‘Yes’ and ‘No’
Author: Patricia Vilches
Pages: 124-135

Get Out and the Philosophy of the Field Negro
Author: Robert K. Lightning
Pages: 136-146

Purpose, Form and the Representation of Higher Education in Jake Kasdan’s Orange County and Michael Duggan’s The F**k-It List
Author: Tom Ue
Pages: 147-157

Berlinale 2021: Healing in Spite of Control
Author: Yun-Hua Chen
Pages: 159-167

Berlinale 2021: Documenting Multicultural Education
Author: Yun-Hua Chen
Pages: 168-172

Time Moves Forward
Author: Yun-Hua Chen
Pages: 173-178

Canada and the Fight of the Indigenous
Authors: Ali Moosavi
Pages: 179-183

The Eighties Were the Russian Sixties
Author: Sergey Toymentsev
Pages: 184-188

‘We need extreme situations’
Author: Thomas Puhr
Pages: 189-193

Painting a Collaborative Gaze
Authors: Susie Hedley, T. R. Merchant-Knudsen
Pages: 194-201

Anyone but Us
Author: Thomas Puhr
Pages: 202-204

Law, Crime and Epistemological Convergences
Author: John Edgar Browning
Pages: 205-206

Parting Words: A Force for a Voice: Remembering Melvin Van Peebles (1932-2021)
Author: Matthew Sorrento
Pages: 207-208


Volume 19 Issue 1 (2021)

Editorial Issue 95
by Daniel Lindvall

2008 and after
by Carl Freedman

Rotten with Beauty
by Sherry Johnson

Trevor Griffiths, Bill Brand and Political Television Drama
by Tony Williams

The Revenge of Nationalism and the ‘New Indian’ Narrative of Uri: The Surgical Strike
by Nihar Sreepada

Financing Hell
by Vincent L. Barnett

Space Dogs
by Mathijs Peters

Myth, Folklore and Science Fiction
by Ken Hall

‘He Put His Disease in Me’
by Crescencia Chay

Animated Islam
by Ruth Roded

Identity Masquerade and Its Discontents in Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild (1986)
by George Toles

The Monstrous Invading the Monstrous: The Purge
by Matthew Sorrento

Building a Forum for Change
by Stefanie Hofer

Parting Words: Proto-Noir, Confession and the Working Class: Two Seconds
by Matthew Sorrento


Volume 18 Issue 4 (2020)

Editorial Issue 94
by Daniel Lindvall

Commitment Issues
By J. Scott Oberacker

Re-Enacting History
By Mathijs Peters and Bareez Majid

The Chicago ‘2’
By Ed Rampell

Small Is Big Now
By Devapriya Sanyal

A Cathartic Journey through Horrific Swedish Nature
By Emelie Fälton and Isabelle Strömstedt

Time Travel, Myth and Prophecy as Social Remediation in Continuum, Fringe and The X-Files
By Kenneth Estes Hall

Watching This Space
By Murray Pomerance

Dreyer’s Machines
By Seth Barry Watter

My Dinner With Andre
By Aaron Hennessy

On Contemporary Crisis: An interview with Costa-Gavras on Adults in the Room (2019)
By Ali Moosavi

‘I Think I’m 15!’: An interview with Katt Shea on Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (2019)
By Andrew Repasky McElhinney

Life Cycles: An interview with director Bon An
By Christopher Brown

Re-Enactments in Chile: An interview with Omar Zúñiga on The Strong Ones (Los Fuertes)
By Tom Ue

Nomad: Herzog, Chatwin and non-non-fiction
By J. M. Tyree

Book Review: The Discreet Charm of Luis Buñuel: Luis Buñuel: A Life in Letters
By Jeremy Carr

Reykjavík Film Festival 2020 to Go: Social and cultural distancing at a hybrid festival
By Randy Malamud

Parting Words: The Ghost at the Precipice
By Matthew Sorrento


Volume 18 Issue 3 (2020)

Editorial Issue 93
by Daniel Lindvall

African Cinema on Vinyl
by Justice Ayowale Whitaker

I Confess: Photographs of People Speaking
by V. F. Perkins

Drawing on Each Other
by Ted Knighton

How Terence Rattigan Evokes Deep Emotion in His Film Audiences
by Scott A. McConnell

The Ugly American Goes to Europe
by Jeffrey L. Griffin

The Sound of the Sound
by Murray Pomerance

‘Veenai’ Balachander’s Andha Naal
by Gopalkrishnan Sreeram

History at a Standstill
by Alex Fletcher

You Only Live Twice
by Marta Ruggeri

For Those of You Just Swinging In
by Kristian Jared Robinson

The Tay Garnett Oscar, and Why He Didn’t Receive It
by Tiela Garnett

Frank Davis and Tess Slesinger – the Lives They Led: An interview with Peter Davis
by Patrick McGilligan

Three of the Family: An interview with Argentine filmmaker Martín Farina
by Gary M. Kramer

The Truth of the Loo: An interview with Louis Norris on Scene from the Men’s Toilets at a Ceilidh
by Tom Ue

Dear Mr Fantasy: Three Fantastic Journeys by Karel Zeman
by Jeremy Carr

‘A Stroll through the Vast Forest’: What Is Japanese Cinema? A History (trans. P. Kaffen) by Yomota Inuhiko (Columbia University Press, 2019)
by Matthew Fullerton

Triumph of the Trickster (and Other Unlikely Roles): The Golden Girls by Kate Browne (Wayne State University Press, 2020)
by Matthew Sorrento

Parting Words: George Lippard (1822–54): Master (and Forefather) of the Critically Excessive Gothic (on Screen)
by Tony Williams


Volume 18 Issue 2 (2020)

Editorial Issue 92
by  Daniel Lindvall

The Dixie and the Carolina
by Davinia Thornley

Suffer the Children
by Daniel Garrett

Men and Women in Cassavetes and Carver
by Aaron Hennessy

Cyberpunk Women
by Melanie Marotta

You Are in the Army Now
by Damian Winczewski, Sławomir Czapnik

Family Dynamics and Melodrama in Fringe
by Kenneth E. Hall

The ‘Individual’s Lonely Response’: Hecht on Hecht (1960)
by Claude Clayton Smith

Harmonious Revenge: An interview with Dylan Holmes Williams
by Tom Ue

Filming What is Left Unsaid: An interview with Ray Yeung on Suk Suk (2019)
by Yun-Hua Chen

Is it OK to Talk about Joker Now?
by J. M. Tyree

Teorema and the Enigmatic Testament of Pasolini’s Grand Parable
by Jeremy Carr

New Discoveries: The 63rd BFI London Film Festival (2–13 October 2019)
by Mina Radovic

Parting Words: Remembering Stuart Gordon (1947–2020)
by Matthew Sorrento


Volume 18 Issue 1 (2020)

Editorial Issue 91
by Daniel Lindvall

Swept Away By Inequality
by Lucia Senesi

The Old Wild West in the New Middle East
by S. Krishnan, Mridul Trivedi

Images of the World and the Inscription of War
by James Slaymaker

Mental Health, Secrecy, Espionage and Prophecy in Homeland
by Kenneth E. Hall

Red Maria/White Maria
by J. P. Check

The Contingent-Generated Documentary
by Joseph H. Houssni

Padmarajan’s Enigmatic and Enduring Relationships
by Arya Aiyappan

Fiction’s Anthropologist
by Alonso Aguilar

You Oughta Be in Pictures
by Deborah Allison

What Do Amartya Sen, the Great Depression and the Screwball Comedy My Man Godfrey Have in Common?
by Adaudo Anyiam-Osigwe

Gimme Shelter 50 Years (+1)
by Dean Goldberg

Interview: Atlantic City at 40: An interview with screenwriter John Guare
by Andrew Repasky McElhinney

Interview: Life’s too short: Ant Timpson on Come To Daddy
by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Interview: Beginnings on the Field: Marcel Gisler on Mario
by Tom Ue

Book Review: Re-Evaluation of Genre and Auteurist Expression: In the Mouth of Madness by Michael Blyth
by Nikolas Matovinovic

Review: Uncomfortable Laughter: Revisiting Funny Games (1997) on Criterion
by Travis Merchant

Review: ‘Rebelling Against Tradition, with a Strange Interest in Incest’: Akio Jissôji: The Buddhist Trilogy (Arrow Academy, 2019)
by Matthew Fullerton

Parting Words: Supplements That Aren’t and the State of Things
by Christopher Sharrett


Volume 17 Issue 4 (2019)

Editorial Issue 90
by Daniel Lindvall

So How Does It Feel to Have a Main Part in the Major Motion Picture of the Year?
by Simon T. Constable

What Does Dennis Hopper Have in Common With Orson Welles and Charles Manson?
by Joanna Elena Batsakis

Marital Bliss in the Thin Man Films
by: Jeffrey Griffin

Technology and the Grail in Fringe, In Search of Klingsor and Other Nazi Scientist Tales
by Kenneth Estes Hall

Die For Honour? Die For Nothing
by Fanglin Wang

Eco-Cinematic Affect
by Min Yang

The Bengali Detective
by Devapriya Sanyal

‘We Are All Just on Our Own’
by Teet Teinemaa

Hide, Jonathan, Seek
by Murray Pomerance

Knocking on (Robin) Wood: The Babadook, Under the Shadow and
Radical Film Theory
by Greg Burris

The Fighting Irish: Robert Mitchum, Richard Harris and The Night Fighters
by Tiela Garnett

Book Review: Cinematic Encounters: Interviews and Dialogues by Jonathan Rosenbaum
by Jeremy Carr

Book Review: Victims of Violence: Clint Eastwood’s Cinema of Trauma
By John Talbird

Speak of the devil! Penny Lane chats about Hail Satan?
by Elias Savada

The Consequences of Cinema: An interview with Gael García Bernal (Toronto International Film Festival)
by Tom Ue

Tributes and Breakthroughs: Toronto International Film Festival 2019
by Barry Keith Grant

It gets personal… : Cannes 2019
by Ali Moosavi

Parting Words: For Professor Pruitt
by Liza Palmer


Volume 17 Issue 3 (2019)

Editorial Issue 89
by Daniel Lindvall

Kennedy in History and in Cinema
by Carl Freedman

A Peking Opera, English Play and Hong Kong Film: Lady Precious Stream in a cultural crossroads
by Da Zheng

Performing Documentary in Lola Arias’ Theatre of War
by Louis Rogers

Preserving Yugoslav Cultural Memory Through Un día de vida
by Mina Radovic

Through the Wall: Breaking cultural barriers in Fellini’s Satyricon
by Ted Knighton

The Wild Bunch
by Tony Williams

Through the Looking Glass: Bodies of data in Alex Garland’s Ex Machina
by Paula Murphy

The Narrative in Loveless
by Shmavon Azatyan

A Universal Cinema: Against the confusion of Charlie Chaplin’s politics
with his artistry
by John Fawell

The Beautiful Possibilities of an LGBTQ+ Cinema: An interview with Marcelo Martinessi about The Heiresses
by Alex Ramon

Half Baked: Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum
by James Slaymaker

Taking to the Sea: Gender and the oceanic gaze in The Lure and Evolution
by Nicole Elizabeth Cook

Book Review: Lana and Lilly Wachowski: Sensing Transgender by Cael M. Keegan
by Madeline Hawk

Parting Words: They’ve Come to Save Us!
by Matthew Sorrento


Volume 17 Issue 2 (2019)

Editorial Issue 88
by Mark Goodall

Counter-Narrative of the Miracle
by Giuseppe Previtali

The Margins of Mondo
by Erin Wiegand

Jacopetti’s Sexual Celebrity
by Dalila Missero

by Sébastien Gayraud

The Ritual Africa of the Castiglioni Brothers
by Maxime Lachaud

Savage Man, Savage Cinema
By Calum Waddell

The Satanists
by Max Sexton

Naked Amazon and the Brazilian Mondo
by Laura Loguercio Cánepa, Leandro Cesar Caraça

‘The Film You Are about to See Is Shocking’
by Alex Brannan

The Mondo Film’s Influence on Contemporary Italian Cinema
by Lydia Tuan

The Real Revival of Sudan: An interview with Suhaib Gasmelbari on Talking about Trees
by Yun-Hua Chen

Facing Capitalism and Toxic Masculinity: An interview with Daniel Marc Janes on Futures
by Tom Ue

Review: Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers
By Kate Hearst

Review: A Story from Chikamatsu
By Jeremy Carr

Review: Rodents of Unusual Size
By Michael Sandlin

Parting Words: Remembering Larry Cohen (1936-2019)
by Tony Williams


Volume 17 Issue 1 (2019)

Editorial Issue 87
by Daniel Lindvall

The Privatization of Justice Within the American Conspiracy Film
by Tracy Mathewson

The Replicant Singularity in Blade Runner 2049
by Michael Green

The Weirdness of Contemporary Greek Cinema
by Eleni Varmazi

Bergman’s Women
by Ina Karkani

Hipster Boys Wear American Apparel Briefs
by D. Gilson

Celeste’s Plight
by Vuk Uskoković

Beyond the Clouds and the Construction of Indian Slums in Hindi Cinema
by Damini Kulkarni

Finding Virtues in the Trash on the City’s Edge
by Reena Cheruvalath

My Dinner with Robert Mitchum
by Tiela Garnett

Scotty Vérité: An interview with filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer
by Patrick McGilligan

The History of Women in Silent Film: What is it really? An interview with Jane M. Gaines
by Anna Weinstein

From Pro-Revolution to Experimentation: Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s Poetic Trilogy
by Ali Moosavi

Book Review: Worlds Apart: Zhang Yimou: Globalization and the Subject of Culture by Wendy Larson
By Jeremy Carr

Book Review: Architectures of Revolt: The Cinematic City circa 1968 by Mark Shiel
by Thomas Puhr

Book Review: Best Laid Plans: Interrogating the Heist Film edited by Jim Leach and Jeannette Sloniowski
By Matthew Sorrento

Parting Words: Beyond the ‘Post-Western’: Marlina: A Murderer in Four Acts
by Matthew Sorrento


Volume 16 Issue 4 (2018)

Editorial Issue 86
by Daniel Lindvall

To the Lighthouse Under the Shadow
by David Hughes

Peter Bogdanovich’s Targets
by Mark Lager

The Dark Knight’s Tenth Anniversary
by Tom Cobb

Youth and the Occupation of Public Space in Moroccan Cinema
by Younes Yassni

The Word and Image in F. W. Murnau’s Tabu: A Story of the South Seas
by Gilles Heno-Coe

Visit To a Gallery
by Murray Pomerance

The Transcontinental Cinema of Alejandro Jodorowsky
by George Melnyk

Conflicting Interests: Mother and Son Relationships in the Films of Xavier Dolan
by Robert K. Lightning

From Puppets to Dragons: Matvey Lykov on I Am Dragon
by Tom Ue

A Cinema Without Limitations: An Interview with Pablo Oliverio About His Films and Distinctive Style of Filmmaking
by Gary M. Kramer

Festival Report: 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam
by Martin Kudláč

Review: What Have They Done to Your Daughters? and The Gore-Gore Girls
by Jeremy Carr

Book Review: Paul Thomas Anderson by George Toles
by John Duncan Talbird

Book Review: Show Trial: Hollywood, HUAC and the Birth of the Blacklist by Thomas Doherty
By Dean Goldberg

Parting Words: For Ken Russell… and Against Noise
by Christopher Sharrett


Volume 16 Issue 3

Editorial: The Raft
by Daniel Lindvall

The Film Society, 1930: The work of women directors
by Bibi Berki

Are You Kidding?: Reassessing morality, sexuality and desire in Kids (1995)
by Jason Lee

Queer Male Bodies and the Cinematic Liminal Beach
by Christopher Pullen

Ida Lupino, Director
by Robert K. Lightning

A Last Testament: The George A. Romero graphic novel
by Tony Williams

Night of the Living Dead and Between Night and Dawn
by Tony Williams

Shakespeare and Social Politics in New Millennium Bollywood
by David Christopher

Visible Silence: Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s cinematic representation of contemporary Japanese characters
by Alec Morgan

A Politicized Pregnancy Film: Mathieu Kassovitz’s Métisse

Trauma, Healing and the Process of Documentary: An interview with Barbara Kopple
by Kate Hearst

Without Boundaries: An interview with Hüseyin Tabak, director of The Legend of the Ugly King (2017)
by N. Buket Cengiz

Festival Report: ‘We Exist’: MQFF, Tunisia’s first queer film festival
by Matthew Fullerton

This Is Our Land: Genre, media and access in the era of Trump
by John Duncan Talbird

Parting Words: In Praise of Santo
by Tony Williams


16.2Volume 16 Issue 2

by Daniel Lindvall

‘The Most Fabricated Exception’: Islam, immigration and the white-saviour narrative in Laurent Cantet’s The Class
by Elizabeth Toohey

Film Review: The Workshop: Laurent Cantet and the angry young man
by Elizabeth Toohey

Coming of Age in Troubled Times: Son of Babylon and Theeb
by Hania A.M. Nashef

The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews, My Mother and I
by Jannie Pretorius

Metamorphosis of a Film Festival: The transformation of the Ludwigshafen film festival from national auteur festival to regional film event
by Gabriele Mueller

Jacques Tati and the Unbound Gag: Notes for a cinematic phenomenology of judgement
by James Phillips

Truth or Dare: Iñárritu’s Birdman and Jean-Luc Godard
by Vlad Dima

In Bruges as Boschean Allegory
by Edmund J. Goehring

Nonhuman Subjectivity: Agnès Varda’s The Beaches of Agnès and The Gleaners and I
by Caroline Porter

A Character Player for All Seasons: A conversation with Nehemiah Persoff
by Michael Toole

A Stranger in His Homeland: An interview with Mohammad Rasoulof
by Ali Moosavi

Film Review: The Restoration of ‘Der Rote Pabst’: Westfront 1918 and Kameradschaft
by Christopher Weedman

Film Review: Escape from an Oppressive Present: The French occupation films of Claude Autant-Lara
by Tony Williams

Book Review: Entrapment, Lockup, Freedom – Throne of Blood by Robert N. Watson; Prison Movies: Cinema Behind Bars by Kevin Kehrwald; The Road Movie: In Search of Meaning by Neil Archer
by Matthew Sorrento

Festival Report: Down and Out at the 26th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival
by Jake Rutkowski

Parting Words: In Search of Documentary Subgenres
by Matthew Sorrento


16.1 2018-05-08 kl. 19.19.07Volume 16 Issue 1

by Daniel Lindvall

The Basiji Must Die: War trauma in the films of Ebrahim Hatamikia
by Shaherzad Ahmadi

Gutter Kids: Little Mickey Grogan at 90
by Jeffrey Crouse

Two Silent-Comedy Clowns Go To College: A comparison of Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman and Buster Keaton’s College
by Jeffrey L. Griffin

A Greco-Roman Femme Fatale: Gene Tierney in John Malcolm Stahl’s 1945 Leave Her to Heaven
by Catherine Nealy Judd

The Nostalgia For (Hi)stories in Jean-Luc Godard’s Made in U.S.A.
by Laurence Bernard-Scott

Questions of Third Cinema: An interview with Mike Wayne
by Redaksiyon Kollektifi

Wax Museum With a Pulse: Aesthetics, reflexivity and intertextuality inPulp Fiction
by Derek Dubois

Wind River and the New (Old) Action Movie
by Jeff Firmin

The Day Mama Stepped on Hepburn’s Toes: Mama and Katherine Hepburn on the set of Summertime
by Tiela Garnett

Poetry Above the ‘Minor Questions’: An interview with Rodrigo Moreno
by Yun-Hua Chen

‘Trump Beat Me To It’: An interview with Kristoffer Borgli
by Martin Kudlác

Finding Their True Selves: An interview with Santiago Giralt and Federico Carol on making queer cinema in Argentina
by Gary M. Kramer

Film Review: The Creation of Truth: Eight Films by Jean Rouch
by Jeremy Carr

Book Review: A Master of Cinema Recognized: Michael Curtiz: A Life in Film
by Tony Williams

Book Review: Nostalgia and Collecting: Two new books on Wes Anderson
by John Duncan Talbird

Parting Words: It’s Not About the Bunny: Assessing Twin Peaks: The Return
by Jessica Baxter


FilmInt_15.4_Cover Design_examples (dragen)Volume 15 Issue 4

by Daniel Lindvall

Alfred Leslie, Lost in the Fire, Found in the Ash Heap
by Blaine Allan

The Guest and the Intruder: 3-Iron by Kim Ki-duk and L’Hôtel by Sophie Calle seen through the lens of the concept of hospitality
by Karin Wagner

Bells Are Ringing: Rear projection and audience engagement
by Murray Pomerance

Contra ‘the Great Game’: Hitchcock’s responses to John Buchan
by Tony Williams

Anti-Eastwood: Cinematic populism and the many faces of Tomás Milián
by Kristoffer Gansing

Creating Cinematic Esperanto: Guillermo del Toro
by Alec Morgan

The Gesture in Matt Reeves’ War for the Planet of the Apes
by Jeff Firmin

Ill-Fated Revolt: Reza Mirlohi and his labour class dramas
by Ramin S. Khanjani

Alfred Hitchcock Presents ‘Sibylla’: Edgar Allan Poe and the challenges of the half-hour TV show
by Robert K. Lightning

And Daddy Bought Her That: The Dietrich/Wayne affair and the director who made it happen
by Tiela Garnett

Lindsay Anderson Remembered: An interview
by Ali Moosavi

George Gissing On-Screen: An interview with Morgan Watkins on The Limehouse Golem
by Tom Ue

Book Review: Full Disclosure: Paul Verhoeven: Interviews
by Jeremy Carr

Book Review: Reading the Corpus: Monstrous Progeny: A History of Frankensteinian Narratives
by Caroline Joan S. Picart

Festival Report: In Dialogue with History and Cinemas: Toronto International Film Festival 2017
by Barry Keith Grant

Film Musings: The More Things Change: Godard in ’67
by Jeremy Carr

Film Review: Allegory, Incest, Patriarchy: Robert Eggers’s The Witch
by James Churchill

Parting Words: TV Criticism in the Digital Age


15.3 2018-05-08 kl. 18.00.27Volume 15 Issue 3

by Daniel Lindvall

We Live in a Cosmopolitan World: The case of Iran and cinema
by Kaveh Bassiri

Mortality Salience: Terror of death and The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes
by Martin Smith

Van Gogh & Gauguin with Gunbelts
by Gary McMahon

Octogenarian Carnival: Psychomagic and phantasmagoria in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s autobiographical film The Dance of Reality
by George Melnyk

Witness in Exile: The lonely brilliant cinema of Jerzy Skolimowski
by Sherry Johnson

More Than a Touch of Madness: The flawed brilliance of Nicolas Roeg and Donald Camel’s debut film Performance
by Dean Goldberg

History Bites Back: Confronting the atomic leviathan in Jaws
by Sebastian Croft

Homecoming in Out for a Walk: A conversation with David Warwick
by Tom Ue

Profound Dimensions: An interview with Monica Filimon, author of Cristi Puiu
by Anna Weinstein

Criterion Core: Marcel Pagnol: From stage to Screen (Marius, Fanny, César)
by Timothy Brayton

Film Review: The Trajectory of Post-Kantian Philosophy as Exemplified by Down by Law
by Stephen Sigl

Book Review: In a Modernist Place: American Stranger: Modernisms, Hollywood, and the Cinema of Nicholas Ray by Will Scheibel
by Tony Williams

Book Review: More Dimensions to a National Cinema: Directory of World Cinema: Argentina 2
by Melissa Webb

Parting Words: For George A. Romero (1940-2017)
by Christopher Sharrett


FilmInt_15.1_Cover Design_examples (dragen)Volume 15 Issue 2

by Daniel Lindvall

Post-War Thai Cinema: Audiences and film style in a divided nation
by Mary J. Ainslie

Pioneer, Collaborator, Opportunist: Carl Froelich
by Bibi Berki

‘Mysterious Appearances’ in Jonathan Glazer’s Identity Trilogy: Sexy Beast, Birth and Under the Skin
by Thomas Puhr

Creating the Dragon: A systems view of Bruce Lee’s innovative screen fighting
by Rama Venkatasawmy

Jeff Bridges In a Car
by Gary McMahon

Shades of Green Mourning in John M. Stahl’s Leave Her to Heaven
by George Toles

The American Outlaw and Civil War Shock: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
by John Trafton

Unmasking the Monster(s) in 28 Weeks Later
by Brian Michael Goss

The Kingdom That Was Hollywood: Tay Garnett’s daughter begins her story
by Tiela Garnett

From Performing to Writing and Directing: An interview with Toni Kalem
by Anna Weinstein

The Way She Looks: An interview with Anna Biller on The Love Witch
by Matthew Sorrento

Making Cinema for Television: An interview with Linda Yellen
by Christopher Weedman

Completing the Story of a Movement: An interview with Mary Dore on She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry
by Anna Weinstein

From Chaplin to Woody and Hooper: An interview with Claire Bloom
by Anthony Uzarowski

Book Review: Avoiding Simple Solutions: Teaching The Wire
by John Duncan Talbird

Film Review: Children of Divorce: A triptych of anguish
by Jeffrey Crouse

Parting Words: So Many Books
by Jacob Mertens


FilmInt_15.1_Cover_RGBVolume 15 Issue 1

by Daniel Lindvall

Sully Is a Little Dully
by Patrick McGilligan

The Capra Touch: Nostalgia culture in American Film
by Laura Crossley

Baltimore 2015, Black Lives Matter and the Prescience of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing
by Brian C. Johnson

Angling To Catch a Thief
by Murray Pomerance

Translating Highsmith to Cinema
by Marc Rosenberg

The Lady from Shanghai: Concluding Welles’s American century interrogation
by Tony Williams

The International Film-Making Adventures of Po Chih Leong
by Andy Willis and Felicia Chan

Before Going Away: An interview with Clancy Sigal
by Patrick McGilligan

‘Where Is He?’: An interview with Grant Scicluna
by Tom Ue

Song of Saul: An interview with Saul Levine
by Brian Wilson

Book Review: Oeuvre Emerging: Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet
by Andrew Repasky McElhinney

Film Review: Contradictions of the West(ern): The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
by Jeremy Carr

Criterion Core: A Night at the Theatre (My Dinner with Andre, Vanya on 42nd Street, The Master Builder)
by Brandon Konecny

Film Review: San Andreas: Staging the disaster in the hopes of subverting it
by Stephen Sigl

Parting Words: Experimenting with Form in the Serial Documentary
by Jacob Mertens


FilmInt14.3-4Cover_RGBVolume 14 Issues 3-4

Editorial: The Lives and Deaths of the Yuppie on the American Screen
by Daniel Lindvall

Rich and Strange: The Yuppie horror film
by Barry Keith Grant

A Social Vision Lost: From the 1970s black upper class to 1980s buppies
by Jon Kraszewski

Working Girl and Second-Wave Feminism: Reviewing the 1980s
by Rosie White

Character and Capital in the Wall Street Films of oliver Stone
by Carl Freedman

Dead Hands: Vampires, zombies and yuppies from Reagan to Obama (and Trump)
by Will Dodson

Obey, Consume: Class struggle as revenge fantasy in The Live
by Gerry Canavan

‘I Simply Am Not There’: American Psycho, the turn of the millennium and the yuppie as a killer of the Real
by Peter Deakin

Yuppie Dot-Con: Running on empty with the e-entrepreneur in August
by John Berra

The Perils of Being Normal: The Asian American yuppie
by Ken Chen

The Buppie and Authentic Blackness: Middle-class cultural producers in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled and HBO’s Treme
by Ruth Doughty

Dark Knights of Capital: The yuppie in the era of permanent crisis
by Daniel Lindvall

The Uncomfortable Polyphony of Being: An interview with Aleksei German Jr.
by Sergey Toymentsev

Documenting the Women Behind the Camera: An interview with Alexis Krasilovsky and Harriet Margolis
by Anna Weinstein

Criterion Core: Wenders on the Road (Alice in the Cities, Wrong Move, Kings of the Road)
by Jeremy Carr

Around the Circuit: The 2016 Toronto International Film Festival
by Barry Keith Grant

Book Review: Art in Spite of Madness:Klaus Kinski, Beast of Cinema: Critical Essays and Fellow Filmmaker Interviews
by Tony Williams

Parting Words: La La Land and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


FilmInt14.2 Full Cover Design-1 (1)Volume 14 Issue 2

by Daniel Lindvall

If Ever a Wiz There Was: The post-fact tornado of truthful hyperbole in Trump’s presidential campaign
by Garry Leonard

Contextualizing The Stranger
by Tony Williams

The World of Film Through the Eyes of Reporter ‘Billie’ Wilder
by Simón Peña-Fernández

Literary Pistols and Rhetorical Bullets: When evangelist Pauline (Kael) met homilist (Dirty) Harry
by David C. Ryan

Post-Wall Berlin Documentary Films
by Katrina Sark

A Madcap Heart: The twisted allure of Gloria Grahame
by Peter Kurtz

Frozen, Homosexuality and Masochism
by Robert Geal

The Film’s the Thing: Truth in nested narratives in the films of Almodóvar
by Bruce Drushel

‘Are You Watching Closely?’ A study of Christopher Nolan’s engagement with structure, chronology and motif
by Mukund Madhav Varma, Ravi Bhoraskar and Sudha Shastri

A Personal Latin American Cinema: Interview with Lorenzo Vigas
by Loreta Gandolfi

Andrew Cividino and the Triumph of Sleeping Giant
by Tom Ue

Rediscovering the Cinema Culture of the Congo: An interview with Cecilia A. Zoppelletto
by Paul Risker

Review: The Confidence of Competence: Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo
by Jeremy Carr

Book Review: Welles, Act III and Orson on the Street (Orson Welles: One Man Band, At the End of the Street in the Shadow: Orson Welles and the City)
by Tony Williams

Criterion Core: A Distant Kind of Intimacy (Hiroshima mon amour, Fantastic Planet, Inside Llewyn Davis)
by Jacob Mertens

Around the Festival Circuit: The 2016 Cannes Film Festival
by Joseph Pomp

Parting Words: The Cloak of Patriotism
by Jacob Mertens


fint-14-1Volume 14 Issue 1

by Daniel Lindvall

Crisis in the Digital Visual Effects Industry and Hollywood Cinema
by Rama Venkatasawmy

Play It Again, Diane: Woody Allen’s portrayal of female characters to promote the male lead
by Brianne Jewett Brenneman

Creating the Traumatic Body: Female genitals as wounds in Antichrist
by Harriet Earle

Everything We Want and the Documenting of Personal Quests
by Katrina Sark

Films We Will Never See: An account of André Delvaux’s unproduced film projects
by Santiago Rubín de Celis

What Grows in This Stony Rubble? Melodrama in It’s a Wonderful Life and The Waste Land
by Garry Leonard

The Fall of the House of Amberson
by Tony Williams

The Aviator: Film-making, capitalism, flying and the psychopathological
by Leighton Grist

Absorbing from Collaborators: A conversation with Gina Leibrecht
by Paul Risker

Distributing Chinese Independent Cinema in the United States: A conversation with Karin Chien
by Lisa Patti

Show Me a Hero: Alan Zweig on Steve Fonyo and Hurt
by Tom Ue

Review: Genius as Madman: The Stanford Prison Experiment
by Matthew Sorrento

Criterion Core: Noir Protagonists and Conspiring g Nightcapes (I Wake Up Screaming, Ride the Pink Horse, Night and the City, Insomnia)
by Brandon Konecny

Cinematic Inception: Ben Wheatley and Down Terrace
by Chris Neilan

Book Review: Hollywood Presents Jules Verne: The Father of Science Fiction on Screen
by Tony Williams

Parting Words: Video and Politics
by Jacob Mertens


FINT 13.4 coverVolume 13 Issue 4

by Daniel Lindvall

Film Title Sequences and Widescreen Aesthetics
by Deborah Allison

“Morale Boosting Necklines” and Other Forms of Support: Propaganda aimed at American women in World War II films
by Brianne Brenneman

Atomic Cinema: Nuclear proliferation and deterrence theory as refracted through the camera lens
by Si Sheppard

Fear and Self-Loving: Masturbation in teen movie comedies
by Brian C. Johnson

The Insurrection of Time: Temporality, modernity and The Battle of Algiers
by Kevin Chabot

Folktales, Female Martyrs and Flaubert in Tunisian Films
by Matthew Fullerton

The Renaissance of Kurdish Cinema
by Abdulla Al-Dabbagh

Mothering, Modernizing, and the Power of Horror: Mother images in Korean art films Mother and Pietà

Documentary, Adaptation, Creation: An interview with Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman
by Matthew Sorrento

Lost Films: A conversation with Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson on The Forbidden Room
by John Duncan Talbird

The Kozole Rule: Profile of a Slovenian film-maker
by Erica Johnson-Debeljak

Review: A More or Less Sensible Project: Jacques Ranciére’s Béla Tarr, the Time After
by Brandon Konecny

Criterion Core: Three Takes on Class Concsciousness (A Day in the Country, The Swamp, Here Is Your Life)
by William Repass

Around the Circuit: The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival
by Barry Keith Grant

Parting Words: Japanese Animation and the Fall of the House of Ghibli
by Jacob Mertens


final final filmint 13.3 (1)Volume 13 Issue 3

by Daniel Lindvall

by Gary McMahon

The Medium as Messenger: Farewell notes, filmic motifs and the melodrama
by Julian Hanich

Boys From Bed to Battlefield: Questions of German guilt in The Bridge
by Lotte Buiting

The Subalterns Who Walked Themselves to the Neo-liberal Market: The cynical Bildungsroman Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire
by Tamas Nagypal

The Perils of Aphrodite: A new take on star theory
by Arnold Cusmariu


The Accidental Cultist: An interview with Jack Hill
by Paul Risker

Filming a Family Legacy: An interview with Samantha Fuller
by Anna Weinstein

The Cult Life On-screen: An interview with Cédric Kahn on Wild Life (Vie Sauvage)
by Gary M. Kramer

The Eyes of Cronenberg, Russell and “The Time Warp”: An interview with cult cinematographer Peter Suschitzky
by David A. Ellis

“Artsploitation” for the Masses: Ray Murray on art house genre distribution
by Irv Slifkin

Review: David Fincher’s Alien Autopsy
by Mike Miley

Review: The Ninth Gate and the Realm of Divinity
by Stephen Sigl

Criterion Core: Framing Domestic Loneliness (The Long Day Closes, Love Streams, All That Heaven Allows)
by Brandon Konecny

Parting Words: Decisive Moments
by Jacob Mertens


Cover_13_2Volume 13 Issue 2

Editorial: Diversity in U.S. Cinema
by Daniel Lindvall

Before The Sheik: Rudolph Valentino and sexual melancholia
by Elisabetta Girelli

“Death, Thou Shalt Die!”: Heathers and the culture industry
by Logan Wiedenfeld

Some Further Thoughts on Vera Cruz
by Tony Williams

“The Merchant Is Become the Sovereign”: Corporate imperialism in James Cameron’s Avatar
by Si Sheppard

Jia Zhangke and His A Touch of Sin: Social violence, the criminal knight and chilling fantasy
by Shenshen Cai

The Essence of African Cinema: Diverging media ideologies in sub-Saharan African cinema
by Manouchka Kelly Labouba

Unconquered, Our Better Selves: On Jackie Robinson (42) and Nelson Mandela (Invictus) and sports as social reconciliation
by Daniel Garrett

At Home with H.R. Giger: A conversation with director Belinda Sallin
by John Duncan Talbird

Ned Rifle and the Peculiarity of Hal Hartley: An interview
by Amir Ganjavie

“Done In”: Adam Stephen Kelly on his Cannes debut
by Tom Ue

Review: Faust and the Abandonment of the Metaphysical
by Stephen Sigl

Criterion Core: Vengeance is Theirs! (Pickpocket, Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, Vengeance is Mine!, Ride the Pink Horse, The Thin Blue Line)
by Matthew Sorrento

Cinematic Inception: Christopher Nolan and Following
by Chris Neilan

Parting Words: Film as Meditation
by Jacob Mertens


13.1(cover)Volume 13 Issue 1

by Daniel Lindvall

Damsels in Distress?
by Stella Hockenhull

“We Were All Rushing. Why? Because We Were Preparing to Go to the Movies!” Actress Lassie Lou Ahern reminiscences about her gorgeous career in Hollywood silent pictures
by Jeffrey Crouse

Time and Pace: Synchrony in the city of Make Way for Tomorrow
by Thomas Zachary Toles

Assheton Gorton: A Life in Film
An interview with Murray Pomerance

Humanist Ethics in John Sayles’s Casa de los Babys
by Wyatt Moss-Wellington

Shades of Activism: Jon Raymond on Night Moves
by Matthew Sorrento

Filming in Toronto: An interview with Elan Mastai on What If
by Tom Ue

A Veteran’s Next Step: Rolf de Heer on Charlie’s Country
by Paul Risker

Criterion Core: Fabled Facts, Factual Fables and the Domain of the Fringe Documentary (My Winnipeg, The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins, F For Fake)
by Jacob Mertens

Director Spotlight: Marco Berger and the Intimate Portrayal of Sexual Tension
by Gary M. Kramer

Celluloid Politics: Monolith and Montage
by William Repass

Parting Words: The Inertia of the Academy Awards
by Jacob Mertens


8TD1nO8aWgsldj1U_400x0Volume 12 Issue 4

by Daniel Lindvall

Naked for Lunch: Alex Radivojević interviewed
by Rajko Radović

Redefining the Self: The Human Centipede and physical spectatorship
by Laura Wilson

Family, Gang and Ethnicity in Italian-themed Hollywood Gangster Films
by Silvia Dibeltulo

A New World Is Coming: Visiting with Godfrey Reggio
by John Malkin

A Queer Reading of Nuevo Cine Mexicano
by Oscar A. Pérez

Turning Japanese: From Sideways to Saidoweizu: An examination of a Japanese remake of a Hollywood film
by Jeffrey L. Griffin

Like a Mirror Walking Alongside a Road: An interview with Volker Schlöndorff
by John Duncan Talbird

A Rebel Rides Again: An interview with Monte Hellman on The Shooting (1966) and Ride in the Whirlwind (1966)
by Matthew Sorrento

Tarkovsky’s Nostalghia: A conversation with Nathan Dunne
by Noah Charney

Life Regained: An interview with Michael Rossato-Bennett on Alive Inside (2014)
by David A. Ellis

Review: Cosmopolis
by James Slaymaker

Criterion Core: The Sound of Silence (Safety Last!, City Lights, Master of the House)
by Brandon Konecny

Around the Circuit: Toronto International Film Festival
by Barry Keith Grant

Parting Words: The Problem with Perfection
by Jacob Mertens


Cover_12.3Volume 12 Issue 3

by Daniel Lindvall


Introduction: Contemporary Independent Iranian Cinema
by Parviz Jahed (Guest Editor) and Amir Ganjavie (Associate Guest Editor)

The Question of National Cinema in Iranian Independent Cinema
by Amir Ganjavie

The Myth of Bastoor and the Children of Iranian Independent Cinema
by Farshad Zahedi

Independent Cinema in Post-1979 Revolution Iran
by Mansoor Behnam

An Independent Voice with a Famous Face: Interview with Niki Karimi
by Ali Moosavi

Iranian Independent Cinema Does Not Exist!
by Milad Dokhanchi

Melodrama and Censorship in Iranian Cinema
by Niklaus Reichle

Keeping It Reel
by Roxanne Varzi

Back at the ‘Foot of the Mountain’
by Kara Abdolmaleki

The Other Film International
by James Udden

Underground Cinema in Iran
by Parviz Jahed


Interview: Wallace Shaw and Andre Gregory
by Matthew Sorrento

Interview: Ted Kotcheff
by Paul Risker

Interview: Jack Laskey and Peter Fudakowski
by Tom Ue

Review: Journey to Italy
by Jeremy Carr

Criterion Core: Time Distorts All Things (ShoahThiefPersona
by Jacob Mertens

Film Musings: Gender Performativity and The Rocky Horror Picture Show
by Victoria Tickle

Parting Words: The Elusive Art of Adaptation 
by Jacob Mertens


12.2coverVolume 12 Issue 2

by Daniel Lindvall

Scotland As a Site of Sacrifice
by John Marmysz

Whose Fault Was the Holocaust That Never Occurred: Made-for-television fantasies of nuclear displacement in the 1980s
by David Christopher

The Ford Brothers and the Men Who Shot Westerns
by Joe Carducci

Saffronizing Bollywood Cinema: The Good Indian and the Muslim Threat
by Narinderjit Kaur Dhillon and Joel Gwynne

Where Redemption Is Found: Julie Dash’s great film Daughters of the Dust and the book anthology Screenplays of African American Experience
by Daniel Garrett

Detectives: Height and age of actors
by Sandor Setalo

Technological Metafiction: Recursive visual culture in the cinema of the late 1990s
by Axel Andersson

Mass Human Suffering and Political Machinations: Back to 1942
by Peter Wilshire

“The absolute truth about someone is not possible”: an interview with Sebastian Junger on his homage documentary to Tim Hetherington, Which Way Is the Front Line From Here?
by Jamie Isbell

Working on the Periphery: an interview with David Lowery
by Jacob Mertens

Review: Nymphomaniac
by Forrest Cardamenis

Criterion Core: The Persistence of Family (Life is SweetThe Big CityI Married a Witch)
by Brandon Konecny

A Study in Story: The expert protagonist in Le Samouraï and Drive
by Christopher Neilan

Parting Words: Los Angeles and the Networking Culture
by Jacob Mertens


12.1_coverVolume 12 Issue 1

by Daniel Lindvall

Did Film Noir Really Happen, or Was It a Set-up?
by Garry Leonard

Exotic Pinups, Magnetic Divas, Beloved Icons: Zarah Leander and Rita Hayworth through the Looking Glass of National and Transnational Identity
by Galina Bakhtiarova

The Silver Scream: The Art of Edvard Munch as a Cinematographic Representational System
by Anders R. Sørnes

The 1950s Stardom: Popularity, Publicity and the Discourse of Love
by Aarti Wani

Keys to a Hurricane: Reading Race, Class, and Abjection in The Skeleton Key
by Maisha Wester

A Historical Approach to the Slasher Film: The Classical Period, the Post-slasher, and the Neoslashers
by Sotiris Petridis

Storytelling Intertextuality: From Django Unchained to The Matrix
by Helle Kannik Haastrup

Yesterday’s Belle: Today’s Pretty Young Thing
by Yaron Dahan

Here and There: An Interview with Director Mitja Okorn
by Noah Charney

Interview: Bernardo Bertolucci is Back, Dishing on Berlusconi, Branod, Borges and 3D
by Ed Rampell

Interview: The Online Chatroom of Andrew Douglas’s uwantme2killhim?
by Tom Ue

Criterion Core: The Balance Between Light and Dark (The Uninvited, The Devil’s Backbone, Eyes Without a Face)
by Jacob Mertens

Film Musings: Not Necessarily Noir
by Robert Kenneth Dator

Parting Words: The Innate Grace of Creating Art
by Jacob Mertens


11.6Volume 11 Issue 6

Editorial: The Bechdel Test and the Biases of Cinema
by Daniel Lindvall

The New Mother: Replacement and re-nuclearization in Hollywood’s narratives about stepfamilies
by Hampus Hagman

Two Interviews about To Catch a Thief
by Tifenn Brisset

‘Light the Cigarette, Fold Back the Silk’: Defining David Lynch as a liminal film-maker
by Michael Daye

Viddy Well, Brother: An Australian comic’s tribute to Stanley Kubrick
by Emmet O’Cuana

Authorship and Utopia: The case of John Carter
by Tony Williams

Spotlight on Caroline Link
by Anna Weinstein

An Interview with Yann Gonzales
by Mark James

DVD / Blu-ray Reviews: A Man Escaped, Two-Lane Blacktop, Le Beau Serge, Repo Man, Fear and Desire, Gate of Hell, Sweetie

Book Reviews: Jean Epstein, Film Genre Reader IV, The Romy Schneider Story, A Social History of Iranian Cinema 4, Todd Haynes

Festival reports: Toronto, Busan


FilmNoirIssueVolume 11 Issue 5

Editorial: My Noir
by Sarah Perks and Andy Willis

My Noir: Double Indemnity
by Michael Connor

My Noir: The Third Man
by Simon Stephens

My Noir: Sunset Boulevard
by Michael Knowles

My Noir: Women’s Prison
by Peaches Christ

My Noir: Explain Nothing: How uncertainty freed The Big Sleep
by Declan Clarke

My Noir: The Hitch-Hiker
by M.J. Hyland

My Noir: Touch of Evil
by Jamie Graham

My Noir: Shock Corridor
by Andrew Kötting

Neo-Noir: The cultural significance (and insignificance) of a film style
by Andy Willis

My Noir: Blood Simple
by Jason Wood

My Noir: John Dahl’s neo-noir trilogy
by Bren O’Callaghan

My Noir: Devil in a Blue Dress
by Maggie Hoffgen

My Noir: Ambiguity, ambivalence and alienation in 1990s international noir
by Sarah Perks

My Noir: Stray Dog
by Ivy Ho

My Noir: Everybody Says I’m Fine
by Qasim Riza Shaheen

My Noir: Hell is a City
by Kevin Cummins

My Noir: Alphaville
by Sarah Schipschack and Leif Magne Tangen

Interview with Fahad Mustafa and Deepi Kakkar
by Gary M. Kramer

Spotlight on Cristina Commencini
by Anna Weinstein

DVD / Blu-ray Reviews: The Blue Angel, The First Films of Akira Kurosawa, Branded to Kill, The Secret of the Grain, A High Wind in Jamaica, Bigger Than Life

Book Reviews: Directory of World Cinema: France, War, Politics and Superheroes, The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom, A Social History of Iranian Cinema, The Actor Within: Intimate Conversations with Great Actors

Film review: Interior. Leather Bar.


filmintcover11.3.4(lowres)Volume 11 Issue 3-4

by Daniel Lindvall

The Engels Project
by Mike Wayne and Deirdre O’Neill

Desiring to Merge: Restoring value in niche-interest adult DVDs
by David Church

Transvestite Mammy Caricature: Its cinematic and social evolution in Hollywood cinema
by Yjarvoe Jensen

Last Man (With)Standing: The character-disaster film
by Matthew Sorrento

Hitchcock Goes to the Dogs
by Murray Pomerance

The Invisible and the True Story of Italy: An interview with Giovanna Taviani
by Giovanna Summerfield


Ang Pelikulang Binisaya: Cebuano film and the search for a regional cinematic heritage
by Paul Douglas Grant

Our Decaying Object of Desire: The lost (and found) Cebuano film, Badlis sa Kinabuhi/Lifeline
by Misha Anissimov

The Theology of Gambling
by Radel Paredes

One Take, Many (Hi)Stories: Notes for an appreciation of Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria
by Stefano Ciammaroni

A Cebuano Zombie Invasion: Di Ingon ‘Nato
by Andrew Leavold

Cebu’s Black Sheep of God: Interview with Keith Deligero
by Paul Douglas Grant

Resisting Bollywood: Monpura as popular folk cinema of Bangladesh
by Md. Towfique-E-Elahi

Representation of Poverty in Indian Mainstream Hindi Films (1947-90): A case study
by Pallav Mukhopadhyay

Spotlight on Marleen Gorries
by Anna Weinstein

DVD / Blu-ray Reviews: David Lean directs Noel Coward, Walkabout, Guilty of Romance, Che, The Haunted Castle, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Junebug, The Samurai Trilogy, La Signora di tutti, Pigsty

Book Reviews: Love in the Time of Cinema, Thomas Ince, Greek Cinema, Scotland, The Neorealist Body in Postwar Italian Cinema, World Film Locations: London, Popular Italian Cinema, Korean Cinema of the Global Era

Film reviews: Meat Hooked!, Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton

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filmintcover12(webPromo)Volume 11 Issue 2

by Daniel Lindvall

‘The Last Silent Star Standing’: an oral history of 1920s film with Diana Serra Cary
by Jeffrey Crouse

The Passive Hero: from Yugoslavia to independence, an investigation into Slovenian film
by Noah Charney

A Pacifist and/or Cowardly Yank in Britain: The Americanization of Emily (1964) as anti-war classic
by Richard A. Voeltz

Time is Money: the acceleration of time and the vanquishing of space in Melancholia, Another Earth and In Time
by William Anselmi and Lise Hogan

Spotlight on Gillian Armstrong
by Anna Weinstein

Catching up with The Silver Goat: an interview with Tom Colley
by Tom Ue

DVD / Blu-ray Reviews: The Warped World of Koreyoshi Kurahara, Hwang hae/The Yellow Sea, Tokyo Drifter, Ruggles of Red Gap, Underwater Love, Two Lane Blacktop, Harakiri, Accattone

Book Reviews: The Film Theory Reader, Reeling: Do the Movies Have a Future?, The Films of Péter Forgács, New Zealand Film & Television, New Zealand Cinema, Producing Bollywood, The Apu Trilogy, A Social History of Iranian Cinema

Film review: Shah-re ziba/Beautiful City

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Volume 11 Issue 1

Editorial: Wadjda, Saudi Arabian Cinema and Women’s Rights
by Daniel Lindvall

How to Escape from Brazil: Interview with Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek and British director Sophie Fiennes
by Rajko Radovic

Effacing the Effaced: Chris Marker’s collectivist period
by Patrick Tolle

Cinema Returns to the Source: Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams
by Roger F. Cook

The Rhetorical Force of Conflicting Emotions in Operation Filmmaker: a cognitive approach to documentary performance and emotion
by Elizabeth Marquis

DVD / Blu-ray Reviews: Three Popular Films by Jean-Pierre Gorin, Metropolitan, Island of Lost Souls, Certified Copy, Summer with Monika, Hawks and Sparrows, The Complete Humphrey Jennings, The Gold Rush, The 39 Steps

Book Reviews: When Movies Mattered, Millennial Cinema, Polanski and Perception, Screen Dynamics, De-Westernizing Film Studies, Stardom and the Aesthetics of Neorealism, Jacques Rivette, Queer Pollen, Directory of World Cinema: Germany

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Volume 10 Issue 6

Editorial: Cosmopolis and the end of the 80s
by Daniel Lindvall

Paradise is Here: The aesthetic world of Imad and Swel Noury
by Omar El-Khairy and Omar Kholeif

Graphic: Tears of Gaza
by Chris Hutchinson

Woman Run Amok: Two films by Lars von Trier
by Christopher Sharrett

No Start, No End: Auteurism and the auteur theory
by David Andrews

Nollywood Style: Nigerian movies and ‘shifting perceptions of worth’
by Jeffrey Geiger

Happenstance and Construction: An exploration into the work of artist film-maker Ben Rivers
by James Murray White

DVD / Blu-ray Reviews: Naked, The Lost Coast

Book Reviews: Cinema Italiano, Mika Kaursimäki

Film review: African Chelsea

Around the Circuit: Toronto International Film Festival, Madeira Film Festival 2012, New Horizons

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Volume 10 Issue 4-5

Editorial: Barbara
by Daniel Lindvall

Shooting in Riyadh when Arabia Was Poor: American film crew accepts Arabian hospitality and lunch with Saudi King
by James Morrison

Harry Palmer, Michael Caine & The IPCRESS File: Part 2
by Gary McMahon

Deep, Deep, Down: The social satire of Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik
by John Berra

Erotic, Silent, Dead: The concept of women in the films of Stanley Kubrick
by Sabine Planka

Room to Rent: Sexual Dissidence in the films of Khaled El Hagar
by Omar Kholeif

Rethinking the Female Voice and the Ideology of Sound: On Stanley Kwan’s film Center Stage (Ruan Lingyu, 1992)
by Li Guo

The Heroic Laughter of Modernity: The life, cinema and afterlife of a Bengali matinee idol
by Sayandeb Chowdhury

The Globalized Avatar of the Hindi Cinema Hero: Hrithik Roshan’s ‘double role’ in Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai (2000)
by Jayashree Kamble

Rethinking Russian Ark
by George Sikharulidze

A Conversation with Baldvin Zophoníasson
by Tom Ue

DVD / Blu-ray Reviews: Saló, or the 120 Days of Sodom, Spinnin’, Paths of Glory, Chantal Akerman in the Seventies, Fat Girl (Á ma sœur!), Shogun Assassin, The Fantastic Planet (La Planète Sauvage), Pale Flower, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

Book Reviews: Tashlinesque, John Huston, Halsted Plays Himself, Cinema & Colour, Conversations with Cinematographers, Taking Place: Location and the Moving Image, Directory of World Cinema: Spain, Documentary Film in Post-War Britain, Hollywood Cinema and the Real Los Angeles

Film Reviews: The Paperboy, The Skin I Live In

Around the Circuit: Sheffield Doc/Fest, 55th San Francisco International Film Festival

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Volume 10 Issue 3

Editorial: The Dark Knight Rises
by Daniel Lindvall

Margin Call: an Interview with J.C. Chandor
by Wheeler Winston Dixon

Notes on Benjamin, Adorno, Mann, and the Cinema of Michael Haneke
by Carl Freedman

Digital Dimensions in Actorly Performance: the Aesthetic Potential of Performance Capture
by Chris Pallant

Jean Rouch as ‘Emergent Method’: towards new realms of relevance
by Saër Maty Bâ

Interview with Luce Vigo
by Michaël Abecassis

Interview with Jay Duplass, Steve Zissis and Jennifer Lafleur
by Janine Gericke

A Conversation with Roland Emmerich
by Tom Ue

DVD / Blu-ray Reviews: The Makioka Sisters, Menschen am Sonntag, 4 x Sacha Guitry

Book Reviews: Indie: An American Film Culture, World Cinemas, Transnational Perspectives, 100 Documentary Films

Around the Circuit: 11th Tribeca Film Festival

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Volume 10 Issue 2

Editorial: CinemAfrica 2012
by Daniel Lindvall

Cinema’s Civil War Sesquicentennial: Top twelve histories filmed with lightning
by Ed Rampell and Luis Reyes

Harry Palmer, Michael Caine & The Ipcress File: Part 1
by Gary McMahon

Love, Sacrifice and Redemption: A triadic tale of women in Dreyer’s Day of Wrath (1943), Fellini’s La Strada (1954) and von Trier’s Breaking the Waves (1996)
by Angela Tumini

Ray: The Last Phase
by Binayak Roy

The Production Dynamics of Western Films Connected with ‘The Soviet/Russian Topic’
by Alexander Fedorov

Between Past and Future: Looking For Buenos Aires in Hugo Santiago’s Invasion (Invasíon, 1969)
Hugo Santiago interviewed by Michael Guillén

An interview with Jean-Marc Barr
by Gary M. Kramer

Not Out Yet: Amit Sen on the Challenge of Tagore-Themed Comedy
Amit Sen interviewed by Alison Frank

DVD Reviews: The Kremlin Letter, The Music Room, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Theo Angelopoulos Collection Volume 1

Book Reviews: Arnheim for Film and Media Studies, Directory of World Cinema: Russia, Nicholas Ray x 2, Amélie

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Volume 10 Issue 1

Editorial: The Romanian New Wave
by Daniel Lindvall

The New Romanian Cinema Between the Tragic and the Ironic
by Christina Stojanova and Dana Duma

Surfing on the Romanian New Wave
by Marian Tutui

Continuity, Change and Renewal in Romanian Auteur Films: from Reconstruction (1969) to If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (2010)
by Dominique Nasta

Radu Muntean’s Tales of Love and Fate
by Ioana Uricaru

An interview with Florin Şerban
by Gary M. Kramer

DVD Reviews: Police, Adjective, Strigoi, The Truth About Climate Change

Book Reviews: Sergei Eisenstein, Hollywood and the Cultural Elite

Film Reviews: Melancholia, Asphalt Tango, Philanthropy, 12:08 East of Bucharest, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

Around the Circuit: New York Film Festival, Arsenals: Riga International Film Festival

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Volume 9 Issue 6

Editorial: Late Hollywood Silent Film Melodrama
by Jeffrey Crouse (Guest editor)

‘Cocoon of Fire’: awakening to love in Murnau’s Sunrise
by George Toles

Three Versions of Stella Dallas
by Diane Stevenson

Gods and Nobodies: the extra, the October Jubilee, and Josef von Sternberg’s The Last Command
by Jonah Corne

Introduction to the William Rothman Interview: (‘Why not realize your world?’)
by Jeffrey Crouse

‘Why Not Realize Your World?’ Philosopher/film scholar William Rothman
interviewed by Jeffrey Crouse

Interview with Jen and Sylvia Soska
by Sid Menon

DVD Reviews: Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Metropolis, Modern Times, Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Book Reviews: New Trends in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema, 2 x Derek Jarman, Contemporary World Cinema, Josef von Sternberg

Around the Circuit: Toronto International Film Festival

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Volume 9 Issue 5

Editorial: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
by Daniel Lindvall

Evicting The Tenant
by Stanka Radovic

Let’s Get Fiscal: Hollywood romance and the mechanism of the self in modernity
by Garry Leonard

Pop Star, Director, Actor: an interview with Michael Sarne
by Wheeler Winston Dixon

Children of Men and Demonlover: Corporate psyches, media bodies and the possibility of Tomorrow
by Vicente Rodríguez Ortega

Cinematic Cyborgs, Abject Bodies: post-human hybridity in T2 and Robocop
by Fran Pheasant-Kelly

When Movie Reviews Mattered: a conversation with Dave Kehr
by Michael Guillén

DVD Reviews: 8 x Kenji Mizoguchi, Nema-ye Nazdi/Close-Up

Book Reviews: Voices in the Dark, Dismantling the Dream Factory, Extra-Ordinary Men, Ingmar Bergman, The New-Brutality Film

Film Reviews: Mas Man Peter Minshall, Trinidad Carnival Artist (The Final Cut), Hanna

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Volume 9 Issue 4

Editorial: Larry Portis, 1943-2011
by Daniel Lindvall

‘Based on the novel by Kurt Vonnegut’
by Gary McMahon

The Barcelona School and the New Spanish Cinema
by Christiane Passevant

Origins of the New Spanish Cinema: interview with Basilio Martin Patino
presented by Christiane Passevant

The Recovered Memory of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution: an interview with Jaime Camino
presented by Christiane Passevant

Beyond the Barcelona School: an interview with Vicente Aranda
presented by Christiane Passevant

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and the Cognitive US-Mexico Border
by Jaime Isbell (Winner of the 2010 Frank Capra Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Film Criticism)

Fourth Iris Prize Festival report and interview with Magnus Mork, director of Samaritan
by Ryan Prout

Todd Verow and James Derek Dwyer
interviewed by Gary M. Kramer

DVD Reviews: Now & Later, Make Way for Tomorrow

Book Reviews: Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, Disability on Film

Film Reviews: Bi, Don’t Be Afraid, Dogtooth, Elmina

Around the Circuit: Cannes 2011

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Volume 9 Issue 3

Editorial: CinemAfrica
by Daniel Lindvall

by Gary McMahon

Beware of the Wolves! The Turkish versus the European Reception of Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006)
by Kevin Smets, Dilek Kaya Mutlu and Roel Vande Winkel

‘He Loved What He Did So Much!’ An Interview with Evans (Evans) Frankenheimer
by Murray Pomerance, with an introduction by R. Barton Palmer

‘The English Master of Movie Melodrama’: Hitchcock, Horror and the Woman’s Film
by Mark Jancovich

Interview: Positioning Cinephilia: Taking a Stance with Jonathan Rosenbaum
by Michael Guillén

DVD Reviews: Hausu/House, Revanche

Book Reviews: A Hitchcock Museum, Hollywood Film and Politics in the Bush-Cheney Era

Film Review: Blue Valentine

Around the Circuit: Tribeca Film Festival

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Volume 9 Issue 2

Hollywood and the Norden (More details here.)

Editorial: Hollywood and the Norden
by Tommy Gustafsson and Pietari Kääpä (Guest editors)

Adapting National Identity: Ethical Borders Made Suspect in the Hollywood Version of Susanne Bier’s Brothers
by Meryl Shriver-Rice

After The Celebration: Thomas Vinterberg’s It’s All About Love
by Arne Lunde

Hunting High and Low: Notes on Nazi Zombies, Francophiles and National Cinema(s)
by Jo Sondre Moseng and Håvard Andreas Vibeto

Hollywood Sin, Scandinavian Virtue: The 1967 Revolt of I Am Curious and The Graduate
by Søren Birkvad

Born American? Renny Harlin and Global Hollywood
by Pietari Kääpä

DVD Reviews: Dillinger is Dead, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Mala Noche, The Life of Jesus

Book Reviews: Contemporary African American Cinema, Film Architecture, Ang Lee, The Simpsons

Around the Circuit: Berlin International Film Festival

Volume 9 Issue 1

Carl Freedman on Gangsterism and Capitalism (More details here.)

Part 1: The Supplement of Coppola: Primitive Accumulation and the Godfather Trilogy
by Carl Freedman

Part 2: Hobbes After Marx, Scorsese After Coppola: on GoodFellas
by Carl Freedman

DVD Reviews: L’Argent, Man with a Movie Camera, White Mane, The Red Balloon, Silent Light, Princess

Book Reviews: Vincente Minnelli, Orson Welles, Casablanca, Roman Polanski, The Cinema of the Balkans

Around the Circuit: The New York Film Festival

Volume 8 Issue 6

Making Movies in Europe

Working Title Films: From Mid-Atlantic to the Heart of Europe
by Tobias Hochscherf and James Leggott

Better Late than Never? The Role of Policy in the Turkish Cinematic Revival
by Melis Behlil

Once Upon a Time in Italy: Transnational Features of Genre Production, 1960s-1970s
by Stefano Baschiera and Francesco Di Chiara

Practice Makes Perfect? The Production of the Swedish Sex Film in the 1970s
by Mariah Larsson

Made in Flanders (Redux): Film Production, Government Funding and Television Participation in Flanders, Belgium
by Leen Engelen and Roel Vande Winkel

City of Light, City of Shadows: The Difficult Take-off of a Spanish Film Studio
by Alejandro Pardo

A Film-friendly Town? Assessing a Decade at a Small Swedish Production Centre
by Olof Hedling


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