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A Review by David Finkelstein.

A Cherenkov Radiation Jewelry Box Meltdown is a three-minute computer-animated short of radical beauty by Oliver Hockenhull. It can be classified as a psychedelic film; the symmetrical and kaleidoscopic forms suggest mandalas. Soft, luminous reds, greens, yellows, and blues surround an incredibly dense and complex mass of quickly changing forms which suggest Mayan totem poles, skeletons, crystals, and almost every other kind of organic and inorganic structure imaginable. It is as if you are looking at Meaning itself, traveling down to the realms below ordinary experience where the energy patterns that generate the world are circulating. The music combines brilliant, sustained chords with shimmering notes.

CherenkovSideHockenhull writes that the mathematics which generate this video represent the radiation emitted by charged particles. Its beauty is generated by a deep structural quality of matter itself, translated through Hockenhull’s artistic skill. The mesmerizing quality of the film comes from the rapid and unceasing changes, so that the beauty always seems to be slipping through your grasp. It maintains this quality steadily throughout, and therefore would make an excellent installation video, where viewers could decided for themselves how long to be mesmerized. Watching the three-minute version was, for me, tantalizingly short.

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