Family Dynamics: Corey Deshon’s Daughter (2022)

By Jeremy Carr. It’s a pressure cooker scenario executed by debuting writer-director Corey Deshon with an acute tonal balance, and Vivien Ngô’s performance, in the title role, is the obvious catalyst for Daughter’s swift narrative momentum.” A young woman flees through a desolate landscape, pursued by two individuals. They’re first […]

Terror and the Family: An Interview with Brad Anderson on Blood

By Ali Moosavi. What drew me to Blood was that I could play the family drama aspect of it, the torment that this mother is going through, her struggle to keep her kids healthy and safe, along with the darker supernatural subtext.” Director Brad Anderson may not be as well […]

Finding Humor in Tragedy: The Films of Iranian Director Reza Jamali

By Ali Moosavi. A new and original voice in the Iranian Cinemas whose films deserve to find a wider audience.” With only two feature films to his credit, Iranian writer-director Reza Jamali has emerged as a new and unique voice in the Iranian cinema. Both his films, Old Men Never […]

Lost Time: Charlotte Wells’ Aftersun (2022)

By Thomas M. Puhr. Debuting filmmaker Charlotte Wells isn’t a promising new writer-director with an emerging voice; her voice is already there, crystal clear.” Time dilates when you’re on vacation. Days spent lounging at the pool and wandering around the hotel become pleasantly lethargic. You can almost trick yourself into […]

An Ardent Appreciation – Crooked, but Never Common: The Films of Preston Sturges

A Book Review by Jeremy Carr. While Klawans routinely sings the praises of Sturges, he also expresses an evenhanded awareness of certain shortcomings, making this critical analysis from Columbia University Press a perceptive, exceptionally well-composed and earnest evaluation.” Lest there be any doubt about Stuart Klawans’s regard for the subject […]