Smiles in the World of Tiles: Lily Topples the World

By Elias Savada. A lovely little crowd pleaser, devoid of drama but filled with captivating artistry.” Like a leisurely afternoon watching fun YouTube videos, Lily Topples the World collects a bunch of those, and more, as it puts a smile on your face as worlds (of tile) tumble. No matter […]

Deconstructing Uncertainty – Ambiguity and Film Criticism: Reasonable Doubt

Ten (Abbas Kiarostami, 2002) A Book Review by Thomas Puhr. Law’s selections are refreshingly diverse….Most importantly, his collection is a testament to the importance of active viewing, of entering a critical dialogue with a piece of art rather than taking it all in at face value.” “Ambiguity” is a go-to […]

Reminiscence: A SciFi-Noir Slog

By Elias Savada. A sad debut feature for Lisa Joy, the co-creator, often executive producer and producer, and sometimes writer of HBO’s highly regarded Westworld series. Her vision here totters between genres and usually just reminds you of better film….” With his Wolverine days behind him, his new role finds […]

High Concept, Low Bar: Neill Blomkamp’s Demonic

By Thomas Puhr. Different it is, though that’s just about where the praise will end. Outside of a promising first act and clever special effects, Demonic is an utter disaster.” I must admit I don’t understand the intense praise heaped on Neill Blomkamp’s feature debut, District 9 (2009). Its ham-fisted […]