Pier Paolo Pasolini Museum, Casarsa della Delizia, Italy

By Moira Sullivan. In northeastern Italy lies the autonomous region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.  “Friulan”, a romance dialect, is spoken in Friuli. Casarsa della Delizia is one of the towns of the area and is where the mother of Pier Paolo Pasolini was born. During the Second World War, the Italian poet […]

127 Hours (2010)

By Bryan Nixon. The opening credit sequence of 127 Hoursis a split screen triptych bursting with vibrant colors of modern society: crowds cheering, the running of the bulls, competitive swimmers racing, New Yorkers scurrying to work, an overpopulated California beach, and a fridge containing Gatorade and Coors. The fridge belongs […]