Diva Directors Around the Globe: Spotlight on Caroline Link

By Anna Weinstein. Due to an error during printing one page of this interview was replaced by an ad when it was originally published in Film International 66, vol. 11, no. 6/2013. Therefore we have chosen to republish it here in its entirety. German director Caroline Link has written and directed for both television […]

Editorial issue 66: The Bechdel Test and the Biases of Cinema

By Daniel Lindvall. Recently four Swedish cinemas, all run by Folkets Hus och Parker (‘The People’s Houses and Parks’, an organization with roots in the labour movement), decided to start rating the gender balance of their films according to the so-called Bechdel test. The test, named after the American cartoonist […]

Kiss the Water (2013)

By Cleaver Patterson. When someone is the subject matter of a film memoir, they must have a magical quality if they are never physically seen—either in person or in the form of archive footage—yet leave the viewer with the impression that they have met them and that their presence permeates […]