An Arctic Train Ride: Compartment No. 6

By Anees Aref. “A charming and elegantly crafted story about romantic longing, companionship, and the surprising places people find it.” Whether as a dramatic or metaphorical tool, the train can function in various ways to explore the inner and outer dramas of both character and plot, emotional and physical spaces. […]

Nostalgia Rides the Rails: Alex Nevill’s Ferroequinology

By Elias Savada. Ferroequinology is a pleasant ebb and flo road movie about wandering souls. Laconic, lyrical, observatory, and part soft-spoken public service announcement.” At just 66 minutes, Ferroequinology is a short-haul documentary about a big ass word (the study of the iron horse, i.e., locomotives, but the film is […]

TV Divas and Armani Archfiends: Amanda Kramer on Give Me Pity! (IFFR 2022)

By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. Give Me Pity! is a natural progression to the previous work because it pushes the idea of artificial space further. We’re located on a stage meant to look and feel like a stage. The film is about a consummate performer performing a performance.” Sissy St. Claire is a […]