Community Building through Art: No Straight Lines: the Rise of Queer Comics

By Edward Avery-Natale. Ostensibly about the rise, influence, and growth of queer comic(s)…. In practice, though, it is far more: it is a movie about marginalized and minoritized people finding community and relationships….” No Straight Lines, a film by Vivian Kleinman now screening at TriBeca 2021 and based on the […]

A Minor Conflict Escalating: Shariff Korver on Do Not Hesitate

By Gary M. Kramer. When you talk about the military and troops, you see them as a large group of people who go together as one thing to do something. And in this film, we try to focus on the individual.” Director Shariff Korver’s quietly powerful Do Not Hesitate, had […]

More than Music – Trances (Criterion Collection)

By Thomas Puhr. The film eschews many of the conventions associated with concert documentaries; it’s a celebration of a culture – its history, religion, land, and people – without which such music never would have existed.” Even the most devout of audiophiles must admit that nothing quite compares to the […]

Corbucci’s Wild Western: Django (1966)

By Jeremy Carr. Arrow’s laudable treatment of Django attests to the lasting interest in this unconventional and oftentimes striking fare.” Although his stature has risen in recent years, Sergio Corbucci has primarily resided in the shadows of his more famous spaghetti western counterpart, Sergio Leone. But like the sub-genre generally, […]

Gloriously Leaping Into the New Normal: In the Heights

By Elias Savada. One big, ambitious Latina love letter that anyone can enjoy.” So, after having just been scared back into the movie theater with A Quiet Place Part II, it’s time to head into the darkness again, this time joyously soaring in your socially-distanced seat (if necessary/required) to the […]

No Fake News Here – Storm Lake Caters to the Small-Town Voice

By Elias Savada. A light yet cautionary examination of a tight-knit, eponymous community in Iowa, and how one family has provided an important lifeline via its journal to area folks. And how their readers support it back.” Times have been tough for everyone, especially for those in the news business. […]

Revisiting Romero’s The Amusement Park (1973)

By Tony Williams. Spoiler alert: key plot details are discussed below.–Ed. The Amusement Park has much to say both at the time of its production (1973) and certainly now – but it is doubtful whether many will want to watch it nor listen to its message. It is a deliberately […]

Reassessing a Master – ReFocus: The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky

A Book Review by Thomas Puhr. Tarkovsky is one of those directors who’s cited (and copied) so often that it becomes easy to take for granted just how singular his work remains, but this collection may prompt even the most cynical of critics to reassess his output with fresh eyes.” […]

When Worlds Collide: Bill Forsyth’s Local Hero (1983)

By Tony Williams. Local Hero is much more complex than the frequent tourist’s bird’s eye of an unspoiled Britain. Something more complex, darker, and resonant appears with the frequent viewings it demands.” After some disappointing recent releases, it was welcome news to see Criterion return to its former status with […]