Seeking the Unknown – The Loneliest Whale: the Search for 52

By Elias Savada. A fascinating tale about a undiscovered, single beast that emitted a sound, one that other whales did not comprehend. No one has ever answered his call…. Zeeman casts this project as something akin to the old Leonard Nemoy television series In Search of….” There are plenty of […]

Ladies in Rescue: Black Widow

By Elias Savada. The scenery, as in any big Marvel or James Bond movie (many shot at Pinewood Studios, like this was) moves about the globe…. Plenty of races, car chases, collateral damage….” There’s a lot to like in the latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plenty of action, […]

Hybrid, and Vital as Ever: AFI DOCS Turns 19

By Elias Savada. Eight years ago, the documentary film festival then known as Silver Docs was rechristened AFI DOCS, expanding out from the American Film Institute’s tri-plex in Silver Spring, Maryland, into multiple other venues throughout downtown Washington, DC. While the new format was connected by the area-wide Metro subway […]

Gloriously Leaping Into the New Normal: In the Heights

By Elias Savada. One big, ambitious Latina love letter that anyone can enjoy.” So, after having just been scared back into the movie theater with A Quiet Place Part II, it’s time to head into the darkness again, this time joyously soaring in your socially-distanced seat (if necessary/required) to the […]

No Fake News Here – Storm Lake Caters to the Small-Town Voice

By Elias Savada. A light yet cautionary examination of a tight-knit, eponymous community in Iowa, and how one family has provided an important lifeline via its journal to area folks. And how their readers support it back.” Times have been tough for everyone, especially for those in the news business. […]

Designer Stereotypes: Craig Gillespie’s Cruella

By Elias Savada. Playing like a broad comedy, Cruella offers a stereotypical look at many of the characters who parade in and out during the film’s extensive running time.” Two well-coiffed cats are let out of their retro style, high fashion bags in a new live-action origin spectacle from Disney, […]

Underdogs Unite! Dream Horse Rouses to Victory

By Elias Savada. Director Euros Lyn, a Welshman himself, creates an affectionate rendering of country life and the subtle idiosyncrasies of the people in this one (race) horse town….” The true story about thoroughbred racehorse Dream Alliance that was transformed into the rousing documentary Dark Horse back in 2015 has […]