Cinema’s Theatrical Spaces: An Interview with George Toles

By Tanja Bresan. There has been a long history of degradation of theatre (especially evident in so much early film theory) in order to build cinema up, to prove its aesthetic worth…. Film often derives things from a similar theatrical space but the simple idea of my book is that […]

Visuals and Different Timelines: Filmmaker Grant Johnson on Agent Game

By Ali Moosavi. I think the 1970s was the golden age of cinema….I very much think that there are certain standards that 1970s established that still exist today and for good reason.” In the new conspiracy thriller/action movie Agent Game CIA officers Bill (Jason Isaacs), Harris (Dermot Mulroney) and Visser […]

Of Matriarchs and Magic: Kate Dolan on You Are Not My Mother

By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. I hate the use of “strong” as a constant descriptor for female characters, it feels so one-dimensional…. I just took inspiration from all the women I’ve known in my life and they can be strong, but also weak, they can be stubborn but also thoughtful.” It’s Samhain […]

A Creative Hunger: Actor/Writer Kelly Murtagh on Shapeless

By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. The tone does feel hard to put into words, I think, because Shapeless is so experiential…. Eating disorders can seduce, seeping in subtly, promising relief. You fall for it, just one time. And then another….” “Lived experience” is increasingly becoming one of those descriptors that overuse is […]