An Australian New Wave Craftsman: Phillip Noyce on Fast Charlie

By Ali Moosavi. Having played Bond gave him that background; this coming from a past life in a way. I just think we needed someone who was virile, aggressive, and yet not young.” Phillip Noyce’s name has been synonymous with successful big budget Hollywood action films such as Patriot Games, […]

Life in Pieces: Suman Ghosh on The Scavenger of Dreams

By Devapriya Sanyal. Wherever [you get] to see your product being received by such disparate audiences is a very interesting process.” -Ghosh on festival programming Suman Ghosh is a National Award-winning Indian filmmaker who has made six feature films and one documentary film. His first feature film was Footsteps, starring Soumitra […]

Collaboration to the Maximum: Jerzy Skolimowski and Ewa Piaskowska on EO

By Nathaniel Bell. More important was the fact that I changed my attitude toward creation. I was enthusiastic again. Young, fresh, and ready for experiments and risks.” –Jerzy Skolimowski Au hasard Balthazar is the only film that made Jerzy Skolimowski cry. In 1966, having recently completed his second feature, the […]

A Dead-End World: Olmo Schnabel on Pet Shop Days (2023)

By Jonathan Monovich. The story was so grounded in referencing other stories, other films, or other filmmakers, and I just wanted it to feel like something that’s existed for a long time. I didn’t necessarily want it to feel like something new.” Olmo Schnabel’s writing/directorial debut, Pet Shop Days (originally […]

Collective Movements: Lav Diaz on Essential Truths of the Lake

By Yun-hua Chen. In Philippines, we still have very responsible cultural workers, social workers and foundations. We are still fighting. Even in other parts of the world, there are still responsible people. We need this kind of collective movements so that we can mitigate all these nuances of destruction.” In […]

Ukraine, Pre-Invasion: Maryna Vroda on Stepne

By Yun-hua Chen. The shooting took place before the full invasion by Russia and just before the pandemic started. When we arrived in Kiev, we had to go through special pandemic control measures. Everything was shut down. We were lucky to be able to finish the shooting, but then for […]