Expanding the Dialog on National Cinemas: an Interview with MK Raghavendra

Zibahkhana (Hell’s Ground, Pakistan, 2007) By Devapriya Sanyal. MK Raghavendra, a film critic and leading scholar of Indian cinema, has authored eight books with leading publishers to date. He offers fresh and invaluable insights into the world of Indian cinema not only restricted to studies of Hindi or Bollywood (as […]

Deceptive Simplicity: John Crye on Chance

By Robin Gregory. I cannot grow as a human being if I do not observe and explore and attempt to explain my own life to myself, to understand my own patterns of behavior. I think the same can be said of humanity at large.” We’ve been warned by Hollywood bigwigs […]

Instinct and Intimacy: Svetlana Cvetko on Show Me What You Got

By Zoe Kurland. There are all these little surprises because it’s all happening as it’s happening in real life among a group of people. That was the intention behind my style of shooting.” In an early scene in Svetlana Cvetko’s Show Me What You Got, Marcelo (Mattia Minasi), the son […]

A RomCom during Ramadan: Mike Mosallam on Breaking Fast

By Ali Moosavi. It is a romantic comedy about how people live their lives and how people love each other. I think nobody should watch this film and say here is what it means to be a Muslim, because there is no one way to be a Muslim.” REVIEW When […]

Return of the “Beast”: Shawn Linden on Hunter Hunter

By Ali Moosavi. I knew that it was a story that could be done with very little resources, so the punch that it would have to pack would be thematic and content wise.” Like cigarettes, some movies ought to come with a health warning. Hunter Hunter, written and directed by […]

“A Proud Female Gaze”: An Interview with Alankrita Srivastava

Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare (2020) By Devapriya Sanyal. [Film directors] should have a vision for the film, and yet allow for others to add layers and texture and mould it further. Alankrita Srivastava is the director of Lipstick Under my Burkha which created waves when released in 2016. […]

A New Gamble: Rupert Penry-Jones on Getting to Know You

By Gary M. Kramer. I feel my whole life has been one big gamble from the moment I chose to become an actor. I feel the buzz of getting a job is the same as winning the jackpot.” Getting to Know You, available on demand November 24, is a poignant, […]