Private Romeo: A Conversation with Alan Brown

By Tom Ue. Writer and director Alan Brown’s most recent feature – his fourth – Private Romeo, won a Grand Jury Prize at 2011 Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles, and was a Critic’s Pick of The New York Times, which wrote that, “Shakespeare himself would spring for a ticket […]

Interview with Sharon Badal, Tribeca Film Festival

By Gary M. Kramer. Sharon Badal is the Head Shorts Film Programmer at the Tribeca Film Festival, which unspools April 18-29, 2012. Badal started with Tribeca in 1999, she said in a recent phone interview, “Since before Day One.” She was one of the first three employees of TFF back […]

Rob Byrne and the resurrection of Abel Gance’s Napoléon

By Michael T. Toole. For the last two weekends of March in Oakland’s Paramount Theater, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival (SFSFF) presented Abel Gance’s, thrilling, sweeping epic, Napoléon (1927). This showcase had the air of a once in your lifetime happening, and for many of us that very well […]

A Conversation with Khavn De La Cruz

By Yusef Sayed. A highly prolific filmmaker who has spearheaded the active and visible presence of Filipino artists at film festivals around the world in recent years, Khavn De La Cruz is tough to pin down. With countless films to his name, including Squatterpunk (2007), Ultimo: Different Ways of Killing […]

The Story of Film: An interview with Mark Cousins

By Gary M. Kramer. Mark Cousins’s The Story of Film: An Odysseyis a fascinating—and fantastic—documentary that traces more than 100 years of cinema in 900 minutes. Featuring clips from 1,000 films, Cousins hopscotches from cinema’s early start in New Jersey and France and visits Asia, Africa, and South America while […]

Noir City shines a light on neglected artists

By Michael T. Toole. Noir has many sides, aside from the stunning stylistic things we look for in the films (the imposing verticality of a cityscape, rain soaked streets, darkly lit corridors) there are the more intrinsic elements, like lovers’ betrayal and protecting ill-fated choices, that give it its narrative […]

Treasures from the Archives: an interview with Clyde Jeavons

By Parviz Jahed. Clyde Jeavons is the programmer of the London Film Festival’s ‘Treasures from the Archive’ section. He was the former curator of the National Film and Television Archive and the British Film Institute. He’s been retired for some years, but he now annually programs the restored films at […]

The New Tenants’ Day from Hell Leads to an Oscar

The New Tenants won the Academy Award for best live action short film in 2010. Amy R. Handler has talked to the men behind the movie. Who hasn’t had a day where ‘everything breaks down in a bucket of hell?’ We’ve all had such an experience – chances are, several […]

The Man with the Video Camera: an interview with Alain Cavalier

By Santiago Rubín de Celis. The films by Alain Cavalier (born in Vendôme, France, in 1931) are the result of a process of slow, soft erosion. For more than fifty years – from his Nouvelle Vague-style short film Un Américain (‘An American’, 1958) to his 2009 feature, Irène, which is […]

Born in Suez: Khaled El Hagar

At the inaugural launch of the UK’s recurring Arabic Film Festival, Omar Kholeif, the festival’s director caught up with the Egyptian film director, Khaled El Hagar, after a retrospective screening of El Hagar’s first feature film, Little Dreams (Ahlam Saghira, 1993). Here is some of what Khaled had to say: […]