The Man with the Video Camera: an interview with Alain Cavalier

By Santiago Rubín de Celis. The films by Alain Cavalier (born in Vendôme, France, in 1931) are the result of a process of slow, soft erosion. For more than fifty years – from his Nouvelle Vague-style short film Un Américain (‘An American’, 1958) to his 2009 feature, Irène, which is […]

Born in Suez: Khaled El Hagar

At the inaugural launch of the UK’s recurring Arabic Film Festival, Omar Kholeif, the festival’s director caught up with the Egyptian film director, Khaled El Hagar, after a retrospective screening of El Hagar’s first feature film, Little Dreams (Ahlam Saghira, 1993). Here is some of what Khaled had to say: […]

Just Doing It: an interview with Emily James

By Deirdre O’Neill. Emily James is an independent documentary filmmaker and producer who has worked in both television and film and whose work deals with contemporary political issues. Her latest film Just Do It: A Tale of Modern-Day Outlaws (released in the UK in July 2011) is both an intervention […]

Saving The Cinema Museum

By Deirdre O’Neill. Tucked away in an unfashionable part of London, The Cinema Museum is a rather well kept secret even amongst cinema lovers. This museum houses a collection of artefacts and memorabilia that celebrate the cinema-going experience from the 1890s up until the present day; there are cinema seats, […]

Navigating Both Worlds: An Interview with Maryam Keshavarz on Circumstance

By Matthew Sorrento. While adapting Alicia Erian’s novel Towelhead for the big screen, Alan Ball considered using the title Nothing is Private. While the idea now sounds like padding, the alternate title would have suited the film well. The lead role, the thirteen-year-old Arab-American Jasira, comes of age sexually under […]

The Room of One’s Own: An Interview with Tommy Wiseau

By Peter Rinaldi. “What’s the line for?” a middle aged man asks me. It’s 11:30pm on a Saturday night in Manhattan. I’m in the middle of hundreds of people waiting to get into the Ziegfeld Theater. “The Room”, I answer. “What’s that?” he says, surprised to be totally unaware of […]

Interview with Maria Schneider

By Moira Sullivan. This interview with Maria Schneider was made in March 2001, when she was the guest of honor at the Créteil Films de Femmes festival. This year’s festival, the 33rd, held between 25 March – April 3 2011, is dedicated to Maria Schneider. Maria Schneider was the Guest […]

If history runs, cinema can’t keep walking: an interview with Tinto Brass

By Amy R. Handler. Since the erotic art-house flick Salon Kitty(1975) and, particularly, the infamous Caligula(1979), starring the renowned Sir Arthur John Gielgud, Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren, the films of Giovanni ‘Tinto’ Brass are considered controversial by most critics and spectators. However, what many may not realize is that […]