A Globalized Supply Chain: Sean Wang’s A Marble Travelogue

By Yun-hua Chen. Sean Wang, with his unique sensitivity, sharp observation, and a somewhat dry sense of humor, reveals just how surrealist the supply chain system under globalization can be.” A Marble Travelogue, a coproduction of China, France, Greece, and the Netherlands, premiered at the IDFA Frontlight in 2021. It […]

Things Get Ugly with The 355

By Elias Savada. The top-notch female cast isn’t provided a decent blueprint to develop out of the provided stereotypes. The James Bond—Mission: Impossible spin that the actors try to emulate never takes full flight.” Universal Pictures’ The 355, a shiny production of a fairly dull film, is being pushed as […]

Delayed Gratification – ReFocus: The Films of Albert Brooks

A Book Review by Thomas Puhr. A much-needed overview not just of the filmmaker, but of his enduring cultural impact.” Read any critical piece on Albert Brooks and you’ll invariably encounter descriptors like “underappreciated” or “overlooked.” But what is meant, exactly, by such labels? After all, two of his films […]

New York Stories: Dasha Nekrasova’s The Scary of Sixty-First (2021)

By Thomas Puhr. Nekrasova shows a willingness to tackle taboo subject matter in what is nominally a comedic genre exercise.” The opening credits of The Scary of Sixty-First (2021) deftly blend elements of ‘60s and ‘80s horror. The pink, handwritten font – played over panning shots of Manhattan – instantly […]

Coming of Rage in Belgium: Coyotes (A Netflix Limited Series)

By Anees Aref. Audiences usually averse to non-English language fare should find much to enjoy….” Think again before joining a Belgian summer camp. A lot of trouble is brewing for the young scouts in the new suspenser Coyotes, a Belgian-Luxembourg produced series where youthful tensions and unsavory adult supervision clash […]

Off with His Egghead!: Adam Donen’s Alice, Through the Looking (2021)

By Thomas Puhr. Pretense is not a bad word in Alice, Through the Looking; it’s a given…. The question becomes whether or not these antics serve a purpose beyond provocation.” In Alice, Through the Looking (2021) writer-director Adam Donen quickly announces his intention to break as many perceived conventions as […]