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2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. No puedo ver subtítulos en Español. Les ruego instrucciones para quitar el catalán.
    I can’t see Spanish subtitles. I beg you for instructions to remove the Catalan.

  2. Hey! It’s Gail… I am an in-law of James. I was at his crAzy apartment back in the day! I drove my car (a Mercedes 370 ZX tops down) with Jonathan, Jeremy & me Gail) to James apt. From NJ , they said I didn’t have to worry about my car, I parked. Crazy shit fireworks on
    the roof, soooo coool! It looked like a space war on top of the roof!!! Sooooo weird & cool!!!! . Johnny, my husband was James brother. Wish I can talk to James again!

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