I Am Curious: Yellow & Blue

By Anders Åberg. [This review of the Criterion editionof Vilgot Sjöman’s films I Am Curious – Yellow and I Am Curious – Blue was originally published in Film International 5, vol. 1, no. 5, 2003. We now republish it online in memory of actress Lena Nyman, who passed away on […]

Collectivized Creativity: The Rediscovered Films of the CNT

Interview with Richard Prost and Andres Garcia-Aguilera by Christiane Passevant. Richard Prost has made four documentary films on the history of left libertarian movements in Spain. The focus of his work is the period of the Spanish civil war and its importance. The outbreak of revolution in July 1936 transformed […]

Chance, Chaos, Confusion and the Marketing of The Wicker Man

By Linda Hutcheson. ‘Incredibly, in many European countries, the attitude still exists that a good film shouldn’t really have to be marketed at all, that the public will somehow instinctively find and appreciate artistic quality without the assistance of a vulgar marketing campaign.’ (Puttnam 1997: 314, emphasis in the original) […]

Beyond Saul Bass: A Century of American Film Title Sequences

By Deborah Allison. Back in 1928, Herbert C. McKay wrote a filmmaking manual which offered the following advice: ‘The main title group with the first title may be made as elaborate as one desires as few spectators stop to read them anyway aside from the simple title of the film’ […]

‘What circus are you from?’ A Round Table Discussion with Alex de la Iglesia

Presented by Christiane Passevant. Alex de la Iglesia has a unique role in contemporary Spanish cinema. His work simultaneously encapsulates its major tendencies while defying classification. From his first feature film, Accion Mutante(‘Mutant Action’, 1992) to his recent A Sad Trumpet Ballad (Balada triste de trompeta, 2010), and passing through […]

Russia 88: ‘The purer the blood, the more dramatic the degeneracy’

A Brief Interview with Filmmaker Pavel Bardin by Amy R. Handler. Considering Russia’s role in taking Hitler down during WW2 and that its soldiers liberated death camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Monowitz-Buna, and Majdanek, it’s questionable how and why Hitler has risen again in that part of the world, where neo-Nazism seems […]

In Memoriam: Robin Wood

By Michael Tapper. When thinking about Robin Wood, his book Personal Viewsalways comes to mind. He published it in 1976 – a transitional period between what he called his life as ‘an ideal bourgeois man’ and his coming out as a gay, feminist and socialist in his manifesto ‘Responsibilities of […]

Exodus collides with the Kedma

By Robin Wood. This article discusses (ultimately!) two films about the founding of modern Israel: Otto Preminger’s Exodus(Hollywood, 1960), and Gitai’s Kedma(2002). Both titles are also the names of the ships from which the Israelis land in Palestine – legally, in Exodus, illegally (by just four days!) in Kedma. It […]