Virtual Discoveries: NYFF 2020

Stump the Guesser (Guy Maddin, 2020) By Gary M. Kramer. There were some interesting discoveries, documentaries, and revivals screening at this year’s New York Film Festival. Here are a handful of notable titles that played at this year’s virtual fest. One of the highlights is the pairing two playful and […]

Tradition Thriving on the “Bloody” Frontier: The Pale Door

By Matthew Sorrento. Co-writer/director Aaron B. Koontz’s perceptiveness for the Western genre makes The Pale Door into a worthy hybrid horror.” It must be an assignment in a screenwriting course somewhere, or maybe a guidebook: “From Dusk to Dawn It” – begin your script as road movie, and bring your […]

“Middle of the Road” Survival: Brendan Walsh’s Centigrade

By Thomas Puhr. Maybe not all true stories, however incredible, are well suited for cinematic adaptation; I would rather have seen a documentary about these events.” It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate new films from COVID-19. Any 2020 release in which characters find themselves confined to small spaces (Relic) or […]