‘What circus are you from?’ A Round Table Discussion with Alex de la Iglesia

Presented by Christiane Passevant. Alex de la Iglesia has a unique role in contemporary Spanish cinema. His work simultaneously encapsulates its major tendencies while defying classification. From his first feature film, Accion Mutante(‘Mutant Action’, 1992) to his recent A Sad Trumpet Ballad (Balada triste de trompeta, 2010), and passing through […]

Russia 88: ‘The purer the blood, the more dramatic the degeneracy’

A Brief Interview with Filmmaker Pavel Bardin by Amy R. Handler. Considering Russia’s role in taking Hitler down during WW2 and that its soldiers liberated death camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Monowitz-Buna, and Majdanek, it’s questionable how and why Hitler has risen again in that part of the world, where neo-Nazism seems […]