Many Selves: The Horror and Fantasy Films of Paul Wegener (2012)

A book review by Tony Williams.  Though mostly well known to western audiences for playing the title characters in The Student of Prague (1913), The Golem (1920), and Rex Ingram‘s The Magician (1926) as well as appearances in Nazi-era films such as Der Grosse Koenig (1941) and Kolberg (1945), Paul Wegener’s […]

New Age Emptiness: Jose Nester Marquez’s Reversion

By Elias Savada. There’s a glossy bio-tech veneer bubbling up in Jose Nester Marquez’s new feature, Reversion. Despite its high concept sci-fi storyline (co-scripted with Elissa Matseuda, based on a story by Marquez), apparently set in Los Angeles in the very near future, there is a low budget feel that pervades […]