English Gothic: Classic Horror Cinema 1897-2015 by Jonathan Rigby

A Book Review by Cleaver Patterson. In the Author’s Note introducing English Gothic – Classic Horror Cinema 1897-2015 – the newly updated edition of his comprehensive text on the British film industry’s contribution to horror cinema first published in 2000 – author Jonathan Rigby discusses the effect the popularity of […]

Out of the (Garden) House: Rachel Tunnard on Adult Life Skills

By Paul Risker. Adult Life Skills (2016) is filmmaker Rachel Tunnard’s feature debut, a creative expansion of her earlier award winning short film Emotional Fusebox (2014). With an editing background in both shorts and features, Tunnard’s foray into writing and directing has been the recipient of immediate success. While Emotional Fusebox […]

Tunisia at the Movies: An Interview with Programmer Dhia Eddine Felhi

By Matthew Fullerton. Cinema has long been an integral part of the economy and culture of Tunisia: Major Hollywood blockbusters have been filmed in full, or in part, in this small North African country, including Star Wars (1977), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and The English Patient (1996), and since […]