Bla(h)sphemy to the Nunth Degree: The Little Hours

By Elias Savada. The hip medieval stew being served up in Jeff Baena’s The Little Hours is overcooked with naughty nuns sexually rampaging through the Tuscan countryside. Their simmering pelvic hunger knows very few bounds in this mid-14th-century romp that aims for a low common denominator of R-rated decency. It […]

Authorship, History, and Reception: The Cinema of Hal Hartley edited by Steven Rybin

A Book Review by John Duncan Talbird. Ideas, for Deleuze, do not exist above life as ideal forms but come from life as a flow of forces and desires…All of Deleuze’s concepts – including irony itself – are founded upon multiplicity in this way.                                                 –Claire Perkins, American Smart Cinema (2012) […]