No Sparks: Michael Almereyda’s Tesla

By Elias Savada. Ethan Hawke elevates the role as the lead actor in Tesla, but he never really gets to show much range….” When I last commented on filmmaker Michael Almereyda, it was about the favorable impression I had watching Marjorie Prime (2017), his sci-fi-without-being-science-fictiony examination of artificial intelligence. Boy, […]

Exposé or Diatribe? Eric Merola’s The Andorra Hustle

By Thomas Puhr. The Andorra Hustle exists in a precarious position, torn between being an insightful think-piece and a grating political rant.” Events with far-reaching geopolitical ramifications can originate from the unlikeliest of places, as illustrated in Eric Merola’s The Andorra Hustle (2020). If you have no idea that the […]