Childhood Bumps on Memory Lane: Armageddon Time

By Elias Savada. Takes a lot of effort to make a memorable, brooding statement; the solutions offered aren’t as satisfying as you might hope. The taste may be somewhat off-putting.” Memories comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, although director-writer James Gray cooks them up in with intimate, nostalgic, and […]

Refuge of the Roads: Michał Chmielewski’s Roving Woman

By Alex Ramon. The mix of the gritty and the romantic here feels fresh. Ultimately, the film is tender in tone, with unexpected humorous flashes that don’t feel forced.” Premiering at Tribeca, and featured in the Polonica strand of Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and at Raindance 2022, Michał Chmielewski’s […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Martin McDonagh’s The Banshees of Inisherin

By Elias Savada. Pain, grief, disorientation, and a dash of violence are soulfully plotted together by McDonagh, with his vision so wonderfully conveyed through the expressive chemistry of Farrell and Gleeson.” Martin McDonagh makes marvelous, crazy, fiercely creative movies filled with wildly inventive characters. He also writes lots of plays […]