Conspiracy Melodrama to Psychological Tragedy: From JFK to Nixon

Nixon (Oliver Stone, 1995) By Carl Freedman. In the metaphorical terms of Nixon’s political family romance, we might say that Lincoln is the ancestral forefather and Eisenhower the father. Kennedy, then, is the sibling (the younger sibling, indeed), and the 1960 presidential contest can be understood as a kind of symbolic […]

Cherishing the Legendary Haruomi Hosono: No Smoking

By Matthew Fullerton. Charming in that it strikes a fine balance of chronology and intimate, and often amusing, interludes of today’s seventy-something Hosono.” Japan’s Brian Eno, Neil Young, and Mark Mothersbaugh are just a few of the allusions bandied about by diehard fans of musician, singer-songwriter, composer, producer, and all-round […]

Lulu Forever: the 2020 Louise Brooks FilmPodium Retrospective (Zurich)

Fritz Kortner and Louise Brooks in Pandora’s Box (G.W. Pabst, 1929) By Thomas Gladysz. Louise Brooks has been described as a “cult actress”…. But as both the Melbourne and Zurich retrospectives show, there is a good deal more to this singular performer.” Last October, the Melbourne Cinémathèque in Melbourne, Australia […]

Werner Schroeter and Underground Film

The Death of Maria Malibran (1972) By Peter Valente. Werner Schroeter has carried the torch for free expression in cinematic art, and shares with many of these underground filmmakers, particularly Jack Smith, a desire for excess and theatricality. But it was a freedom that was won by overcoming obstacles.” Werner […]