Contemporary Cinematic Documentary and The Rebirth of Content

By Jez Owen. Abstract Documentary suggests ‘fullness and completion, knowledge and fact’ (Nichols, 1994:1). A documentary text can provide a representation of life that an audience will read as a truthful expression of an actuality. The last fifteen years of film production have witnessed an explosion in the number of […]

Pier Paolo Pasolini Museum, Casarsa della Delizia, Italy

By Moira Sullivan. In northeastern Italy lies the autonomous region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.  “Friulan”, a romance dialect, is spoken in Friuli. Casarsa della Delizia is one of the towns of the area and is where the mother of Pier Paolo Pasolini was born. During the Second World War, the Italian poet […]

Films and Cities: The World (China, 2005)

By Hector Arkomanis. This column is the first in a series that discusses films in the context of specific cities, times and histories. Each time, we start with a close-up of a film which is then related to thoughts about the city drawn from a wide range of sources including […]

Revisiting Tea and Sympathy: Sexual Paranoia in Fifties America

By Christopher Sharrett. Vincente Minnelli’s melodrama Tea and Sympathy, finally released on DVDby Warner Archive, deserves revaluation, given its neglect during its long absence from the home video market. Although there have been intelligent comments on the film by Vito Russo (1981: 112) and David Gerstner (2009), it has long been […]

Bloodied Light: The cinema of Martin McDonagh

By Marshall Botvinick. ‘I’m sorry,’ says a somber doctor just as the opening credits for Six Shooter(2005), Martin McDonagh’s first film, dissolve. For a playwright known for his remorseless characters, it is a surprising way to begin a cinematic career, and it sends a clear signal to his viewers that […]

Revisiting Citizen Ruth

By Lesley Brill. Alexander Payne’s 1996 feature film debut, Citizen Ruth, is generally remembered as an incongruously comic look at the struggle between opponents of legal abortion and its defenders in the United States. That’s a topic of perennial importance in American politics, and it’s especially relevant now with the […]

The White Ribbon

By Kierran Horner. The White Ribbon (2009) is about guilt. It is another film by Michael Haneke about guilt. But it would be reductive to suggest that The White Ribbon was something as simple as a macrocosmic, German Hidden (Caché, 2005); an analysis of the guilt felt by a nation […]

Colourful Claims: towards a theory of animated documentary

By Jonathan Rozenkrantz. Every film is a documentary. (Bill Nichols 2001) There is no such thing as documentary […]. (Trinh T. Minh-ha 1993) Why bother? When a concept is conceived of in ways so opposed that one scholar will define it in absolute terms and another will deny its existence, […]