Kitsch Shining Bright: Jeffrey Schwarz on The Fabulous Allan Carr

By Tom Ue. Emmy Award-winner Jeffrey Schwarz’s many documentaries include Tab Hunter Confidential (2015), about the 1950s heartthrob and movie idol, and Vito (2011), the gay activist, film scholar, and author Vito Russo. His latest project centres on Allan Carr, best known for his producing work in Grease (1978) and the […]

Omnibus of Unrest: On Ten Years Thailand

By Ali Moosavi. Many film aficionados’ first memory of Thailand dates back to the 1956 film The King and I in which Yul Brynner played the King of Siam (Thailand’s former name). After a bloodless revolution in 1932, Siam became a democratic constitutional monarchy and changed its official name to Thailand. Since […]