Possessor and the Tortured Soul of Brandon Cronenberg

By Elias Savada. This is a brutal horror film and not for youngsters, no matter how much it succeeds in its weird Freaky Friday way.” Recently, business visionary Elon Musk talked about one of his latest science projects, a Neuralink brain implant to “supercharge human communication.” Except there’s already a […]

Sad and Blue, Shiny and New: Daria Woszek’s Marygoround (Maryjki) (2020)

By Alex Ramon. The film by and large succeeds in putting “women’s different experience” centre screen.” “A passionate lover will fulfil your deepest desires. This week the world is yours. You will be the queen of your life. Don’t be afraid to be daring…” The recitation of a florid horoscope, […]