Walt Disney Would Be Proud: The BFG Delivers

By Elias Savada. Don’t be confused by the branding up front on this new live action/motion capture film from Steven Spielberg. “Disney’s The BFG” is just the way the mouse studio puts its mark on its global empire. That world now includes Giant Country, which may or may not be […]

Diva Directors Around the Globe: Susanna White on Our Kind of Traitor

By Anna Weinstein. British director Susanna White began her career in documentaries and in BBC television in the mid-1980s. She directed seven episodes of the BBC series Bleak House (2005) and all four episodes of the Jane Eyre miniseries (2006). Two decades into her career, she got the opportunity to direct […]

F.W. Murnau’s Faust: A Dazzling Achievement in German Silent Cinema

By Jeremy Carr. There is the sense while watching the 1926 silent German masterwork Faust that director F.W. Murnau and company are showing off a bit. With a wealth of money at their disposal and a hefty allotment of time (an essentially unlimited budget, finally reaching a reported two million […]